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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by dgreen67, Jan 31, 2008.

  1. dgreen67

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    I have an opportunity to choose between two brand new mowers, please give any suggestions, all opinions are appreciated :)

    Great Dane Super Surfer (Stander) 52" floating deck...$4800.00

    John Deere Quicktrac (Stander) 52" floating deck...$5200.00

    The Super Surfer has a Kohler, the John Deere Kawasaki.

  2. Wilson Edge

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    I have a super surfer with the 52" deck and i love it...its large but it works amazing... I had one of the hydro motors go out after about 40 hrs....i think its because i hit a curb hard but they fixed it for free with the 2 year warrenty....great mower but i dont know if its the most dependable
  3. retrodog

    retrodog LawnSite Silver Member
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    I know this doesn't help you any, but just wondering. Why do people get stand ons when they could pay the same amount for a regular zero turn? Usually the stand-ons are just as big as a normal zt. Not being a smart a** or anything, just wondering what the advantage is.
  4. grassman177

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    the advantage is maneuverability , no matter what stand ons have a smaller footprint and get in and out tight spaces quicker and becasue of tyraction via leaning with the machine you really can cut some places, especially with hill much easier and faster(of course this only really applies to 52 in and smaller.
  5. retrodog

    retrodog LawnSite Silver Member
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    Just wondering, we have an lco here that runs 2 Great Dane Surfer 61in decks. His guys look miserable everytime I see them. I couldn't imagine standing all day on a mower after getting spoiled to air-ride seats and suspension. I have been wanting to ask him, but never get the chance too. I honestly thought they were $2500 to $3000 machines, and he just thought he didn't have the money to buy the ZT's. I don't think I could fathom paying $6000 on one. This guy mows some 5 acre yards and has 8 cemeteries! I am thinking about getting a walk-behind, but it would strictly be for these little bitty yards and would have to have a 36" or smaller deck. Most of the LCO's I'm friends with here get one small ZT. They are really loving BB's 30hp kohler pup with 48" deck for $6395 (which is full commercial). I have had a few get the little 36" with a 26hp motor for $4495, its just not a full blown commercial unit. Thanks for letting me know, I guess I still won't fully understand till someone lets me carry one around on my trailer for a day.
  6. HenryB

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    Are you a Bad Boy dealer?
  7. gandk06

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    Who makes a COMMERCIAL 52" for $4800-$5200?
  8. retrodog

    retrodog LawnSite Silver Member
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    I am now, I used to just mow and landscape. We had a small repair shop, but nothing fancy. We were running Hoppers before, and I just picked up a BB for Coolness effect and speed. I started leaving the hoppers at the house or on the trailer. I could almost mow with that one mower what I could with 2 front deck hoppers, and the cut looked awesome. I had many compliments on my mower and alot of people asking where to get one, then I had my little accident. Long story short factory fixed it for me and didn't have to. I sold my hoppers, because I could mow alot more and make alot more money with the other, and became a dealer. This year we got 2 huge mowing contracts, that I couldn't even imagine getting taken care of with any other machine. Scag and Hustler mow as fast, but a super Z and a TT costs so much more, that it would have never made sense for me to get one. Now I provide service to LCO's like I would want from my dealer. Free pick up and deliver if a problem happens, loaner if it takes 2 days or more, full tanks of gas, etc. Here is an example of what lco go through around here. Russell is a good example (he prolly get mad at me for saying this). About 4 months ago he purchased a brand new Grasshopper 722d (around 13000), got home and started it to pull it off his trailer, and it ran out of diesel. the dealer fixed it, but I was horrified. I helped him sell it on here actually, and he just got a 35hp cat diesel with 60" deck, and a 30hp kohler with a 48in deck delivered to him Friday. It cost him a little over $18000 for both machines. What other company could offer that for someone? How about this story. The dealer is close to me, so I won't say any names. A nice older man purchases 2 Great Danes, about a month later brings his blades in to be sharpened, and the owner tells him "I don't have time to f*&% with you today". Another dealer up the road, when you walk in to deal with them they are hateful and rude, and everytime I have been in to get something either him and his mom are screaming at each other, or him and his brother are fighting and knocking stuff off the walls. How about dropping a piece of your equipment off to get fixed, and going back to pick it up, and it was sold out from under you? Or worse even, they can't find it. DA can't do anything about it because of there 30 day rule they have posted on the wall. I am doing this on the side to mainly put an end to all this crap that goes on around here. I actually just started selling trailers after being on here and finding out how much you guys have to pay for them! Thats kinda why I started selling BB. It is absolutly the strongest built machine out for the money, and the factory will more than bend over backwards to help a regular Joe out. I now make the dollar a minute minimum per machine that I have always heard about, heck on a couple of accounts it comes out to $2.30 a
  9. J&R Landscaping

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    I don't know very much about either of these mowers. I have seen a few companies running great dane standers and others as well. I know of 1 dealer in the under 16 mile range that sells them and they are a great dealer! John deere for a commercial mower is dead around here, the only time I see them is at county fairs and such.
    If it was me, I would go for great dane because they have been making those mowers longer than John Deere has.
    How are the dealers for each line? Do they have a good parts stock for repair parts? What is their service dept like for getting repairs done or warranties done quickly?
  10. John Gamba

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    from ct
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    Dan Demo them. Its the only way you will know.

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