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    I've got a Mini-Z 19hp Kawasaki/52". The mower has nearly 70 hours.

    The problem: Mower will cut out occassionaly when hitting bumps. Usually it is several bumps in a row while mowing full out. I know what you're safety switch. Well, I made a jumper cable with spade ends and bypassed the safety switch. Still does it. Sometimes it just cuts out quickly, other times it cuts out to the point of almost stalling out. There's really no rhyme or reason other than the bumps and usually running full speed. I've tried to duplicate it in the same area when it happens and it will not always do it again. It started with about 40 hours and is getting worse.

    Dealer said it could be several things, including coil on motor. Partner has a Super Z with KAW and it is also doing it. Another guy has a Super Z with KAW and his is doing it as well.

    I took it to my dealer and he and I run it around the property, and of course it would not do it then.

    Anyone have any ideas? It is REALLY starting to get on my nerves.
  2. mowerconsultant

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    Not quite sure what it could be, but your dealer and our customer service department can get this taken care of for you I am sure.
    E-mail me and I will get you taken care of.

  3. hardlyever

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    I have a Mini Z 19/52 with 8 hours and it also cuts out when hitting bumps. I also tried bypassing the seat safety switch, didn't help. Mine has done it since it was new. I thought it was the safety switch until I tried the bypass.
  4. timmac

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    Hey mine does this also. I just thought it was normal. Pj I'm starting to have a lot of problems with my new mower. 1st a relay that is not fixed yet, now this?
  5. Husqman

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    I have a 19/52 kawi mini z does the same thing I just assumed it was the seat safety switch.;) ;)
  6. Accu-cut Lawn Care

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    Yeah, What is up with the relays? My new 2760 shorts out blade and fuel pump relays about every two weeks. Dooley Tractor aleviated the problem by giving me a sak of relays...and I'm almost out.

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