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Mower deck cleaning


LawnSite Member
use a jack stand and a putty knife to get rid of the large stuff . Then a water hose with out a pressure nozzel to wash it....... the grease fittings and bearings do not like water!!:rolleyes:

LawnScapers of Dayton

LawnSite Silver Member
Dayton, OH
Bought a Jungle Jack.....



LawnSite Senior Member
Galway, NY
Deck Access -- In the shop I use a 'chain falls' to gain unrestricted access to the cutting chamber, in the field it is a wheel ramp I always have one in the trailer in case a flat happens on the dual axle. Do Not forget to be safe and use jack stands when you have your mower suspended by ropes or cables, an accident will really ruin your day (if you are lucky).