Mower deck spindle repair

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by shopteacher, May 25, 2006.

  1. shopteacher

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    I have an older (1989?) MTD 48" deck that sat for a few years and the spindles were stuck. I freed them and they seem ok but how do you tell if the bearings are good?

    Should I wait until they go? I am suspicious of them sitting for so long.

    Are the bearings sealed?
    I am hoping the spindles were rusted to the deck, not affecting the bearings.

    Your thoughts are appreciated.
  2. fly-4-fun

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    The bearings should move smoothly, with no tight spots. There shouldn't be any grating sound when you spin the spindles.

    Most of those MTD mowers use a sealed bearing with no zerk fitting to relube the spindle. That way when you burn up a bearing you usually have to replace the whole assembly because the shaft is welded to the inner race of the bearing.

    If I were going to use the mower, I'd take the spindles off the deck and at least tear them down to see and feel each bearing. If one was rough feeling when you rotated it, replace it. Most of the time the bearing next to the blade is the one to go first. This way you know the deck will be ok to use and if you decide to sell the mower, your buyer will have a decent deck.

    Amazing that it lasted as long as it did !! :usflag:
  3. khouse

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    it's a mtd - run the spindles till they stop then replace them. i wouldn't spend any money on that mower unless forced to. just my opionion.
  4. oldgreygox33

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    Khouse has the right idea. Get as much use out of it as you can before replacing.

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