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would a 52&quot;mower deck on a mid mount ztr be to large for residential use?? wondering how it would follow terain,what about scalping the lawn ,could this be a problem?over small mounds etc.<br> the mower I am thinking on is the new j-deere m-655, thanks for any help .


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I have a 40&quot; gravley ztr,had a 52&quot; grasshopper,and have a 60&quot; dixie chopper..<br>I dont remember any scalping with the grasshopper,but it was a liitle to long for some of my smaller lawns...the 40&quot; is great ,,and the 60&quot; hasnt scapled any lawns so far,its set up pretty good so I dont think there will be any problems,and I can get it any where I want for the most part,,<br>I tested a exmark lazer ztr when I was in the market for a day and the deck belt came off 2 times on one lawn(think there was something wrong with it)..The deck was a bit to stiff for me but i know theres a lot of people on this forum that have a love them..I'd say that the 52&quot; wouldnt be a problem depending on the lawns you have of course,,<br> Tim


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I use a 61' ZTMax and 52&quot; Grasshopper in residential lawns everyday. Some as small as 3,000 sq ft. How small are your lawns? <br>


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I use a 72&quot; on 95% of my residentials! It works fine, the 52 should be OK. <p>Homer


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Hey northeast, <br> what part of Maine are you from? I lived in Portland for 5 years and our family has a summer home up in Chamberlain past Damariscota. Hey, if you closer to southern NH, there's a dealer in North Hampton thats tax free and has great prices on Toro Z master's here for around $6800 for a 62&quot; deck which cuts great on residentials.<p>Mike


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I use a exmark lazer 60&quot; never scalps. If I had known it would do this good I would have bought the 72&quot;. I think about that alot and it makes me ill :)


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I use a 61&quot; deck on a Scag to cut my 2.5 acre residental lawn. No scalping problems.<p>I think another key to point out here is cutting height. I cut at either 3&quot; or 3.5&quot; and am cutting a fescue blend.<p>----------<br>D. Tom<br>

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