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mower decks


LawnSite Member
Charlotte N.C.
Posted this same question last week but most all who replied got into a little disagreement about shouting, so, I'll try again.
Which do you think makes a better cut/stripe, fabricated deck or stamped deck?
Thanks in advance to all who reply!


LawnSite Silver Member
I dont think one over the other makes a better stripe or cuts better. The diffrence is in the quality of the deck. A fabricated deck is definitly made better and is thicker than a stamped. I do have a stamped on my z master and have hit my shair of hidden stumps and roots and have not put a nick in the deck. It cuts beutifully and stripes great also. I took some picures of one of my lawns cut with my z master the other day... as soon as i get them developed i will post them because there has not been any pictures posted of lawns cut with the wanderful super flow deck.