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I was wondering how many years some of you guys depreciate your mowers. 3 years, 5 years, 7 years? From what I can tell from the rules, I think it is supposed to be 7 years. That seems like an awfully long time to me. Do most of you just expense the trimmers and blowers up front instead of depreciating them? Thanks for any help.<p>----------<br>Bryan..Heartland Lawn Care<br>


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Central CT
I have always expensed my mowers and trimmers up front since I never get to the 18000 or so threshold.<p>My philosophy is, take what you can in deductions when you can get it, you never know when the congress will change the rules.<p>Bill


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Bryan,<br>I believe 5 yrs is your mark. 5 years will give you a good spread on your deductions. The yearly percentages are like: 20% 1st yr, 32% 2nd yr, 19.5% 3rd yr, 11.52% 4th and 5th yr, 5.76% on 1/2 yr remainder. Good luck, Bill


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Truly there is no answer to this question. The answer depends on your own company and situation. We fully depreciated everything this year and are getting money back. Other times we depreciate our equip. longer depending on our total deductions and what we want our adjusted gross income to be. Typically we depreciate everything so that we don't have to pay out to Uncle Sam. We pay enough taxes. Why pay more?<p>-Nicole

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