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    My back up walk behind wouldnt start. Its a old proline with a fb460. I used it two weeks ago and tried to use it today. This is how I used it all year. The gas was two weeks old also. Even though I dont think the gas was bad I drained it out and emptied the bowl. Then put gas from this week that was used in my other mowers in.

    I put a new plug in and had no spark with it but the old plug did spark lightly.

    I unplugged some of the safety wires and that didnt help. I also cleaned the air filter.

    A few times in a row it did try to start and when I went to take choke off died. Then I couldnt get it to repeat.

    So do you think this is bad gas, carb, or electrical?
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    Is there a fuel shut off solenoid on the carb? My Grasshopper had the same problem. The connection at the solenoid was corroded .

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    I dont believe so. At this point I'm just trying to fix and store it. I'm going to clean the carb tomorrow but it shouldnt have gotten dirty.

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