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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by PPLMike, Aug 21, 2003.

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    Hey guys,

    I work construction some of the time in the summer. Right now we're installing a grain-cleaner at Linn Cooperative Oil Co., but anyways...

    I was taking a break with the guys during lunch and someone brought up how they were going to buy an electric scooter at the end of the week.

    He's had his license taken away because of drunk driving and thinks that he should be able to go around 20 miles an hour on this thing, and it should be all legal, because he doesn't need to have a license for an electric-powered mobile.

    The foreman suggested he just fix up a lawn mower. From there the guy went on talking about how it was illegal to drive anything gas-powered down the street without a license.

    Anyway, the conversation went on to include some about how his buddy had been arrested twice for DWI on a lawn-mower. Apparently he fixed this thing up to go about 40 miles an hour.

    He was caught both times leaving the bar. Once going the wrong direction on a one-way, and the other time speeding down a 25 MPH zone.

    I thought it was pretty humurous at the time. Anyone else fix up their mowers to go real fast, or ever get arrested riding one?
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    I have to print this out for my employees. One of our customers known to them as"the drunk guy" told us once about a guy he met in the bar getting a speeding ticket on his lawnmower. So now every time we mow his grass he asks if we have gotten a speeding ticket yet.
  3. Matt'slawncare

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    There was this person in my area that was mowing his yard and turn on the road to make another pass and a cop gave him a DUI. Whats happening to this world!!
  4. Envy Lawn Service

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    Yes, as terrible as it sounds there is an individual in my township that has been charged with DWI several times. The last time he lost his drivers license. After going through detox and returning home, he just began to ride his old lawn tractor to the convenience store, top it off with gas, get what he needed and go home.

    Well, he soon fell off the wagon again, got drunk and took of down the road on his mower. Later he was arested by the sherriffs dept. and told to keep himself off the road with the mower when drinking.

    So some time passes by and he ties on another good drunk. He gets the urge to go again. So with his drunken reasoning he decides it would be OK to drive a mower while drunk as long as he stays off the highway. So he putts away down the road riding on the grass shoulder. He is again picked up by the sherriffs dept. At this point it is explained to him that he is still riding on a state right of way even though he's not on the pavement.

    So all is cool for a while until he ties on another real good one. He wants to go visit a friend. So again with his drunken reasoning, he decides it would be OK if he waited until about 1:00 AM to venture out and ride along the shoulder. So he does. But this is quite a long trip in the dark with an old popeye (1 headlight out) lawnmower. Along the way he is confronted again by police.

    This time he decides the only clear choice is to atempt to evade the State Trooper. So he just keeps going until the Trooper corners him with his car along side the road. As the Trooper gets out of the car, the drunken person attempt to manuver himself on the lawn tractor for another quick get away.

    The trooper steps in front of him and almost gets ran over in his attempt to stop him. At this point the Trooper just stands there in amazement of these events as he putts along the shoulder of the road, making his get away. As the Trooper takes a moment to evaluate just how he should handle this situation, the drunk gets to close to the edge and runs the lawn tractor over it. At this point he falls off and knock himself out from a collision between his head and a tree.

    This time they impounded the mower and he served a bit of time in jail. This has been some time ago now. But just last week I saw him drive up to the gas station on his new Craftsman as I was filling up. This time he appeared sober.
  5. Expert Lawns

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    I heard a story once about a man who was drunk and evaded police in his car. By the time they caught up with him, he was out mowing his lawn (probably for an alibi) but the police wrote him for a DUI on his tractor.
  6. Runner

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    As having a degree in Criminal Justice, we were taught in my Highway Administration class, that it is written in the MVC (Michigan Vehicle Code) that ANY person operating a machine while either under the influence, or while consuming alchoholic beverage is guilty of OUIL or operating with an open intox. In other words (and I questioned this, and it was proven to me), a guy out mowing his own lawn with a beer in his hand, EVEN ON HIS OWN PROPERTY, is guilty of this. Many people don't know this. This is not to say that an officer is going to make a stop in someone's yard, but the potential is there. Just a little interesting tidbit.:)
  7. geogunn

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    here's the word guys: the charge of DUI does not require that you be in a car, truck, motorcycle...etc.

    local jurisdictions as well as your local law person, don't necessissarilly see things in the same way.

    to one cop...a drunk dickhead on a lawnmower is a DUI, to the next cop, it's public intoxication.

    around here, when you see a lawnmower weaving all over the center line you run out and grab the paper bag from under the drivers arm and say "c'mom pop! time to park it for tonight! ":eek:

  8. Advanced Lawncare

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    In Missouri you operate a moterized vehicle/machine while under the influence they can charge you regardless of what the machine or where you do it. Everytime that I know of it being pushed on lawn mowers or tracters is when people have already lost their lisc and using them as their means of transportation. Just some info
  9. Moguy

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    Dang, I was hit by a drunk driver and put in a wheelchair. Now I have to worry about someone running me down on a mower after drinking? heh Doesnt surprise me though. Either they lose their vehicle or find another means of transportation to stay stupified
  10. BRL

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    The show COPS has featured high sp- uh I mean low speed chases persuing drunk dudes weaving their way down the local highways. Entertaining to watch.

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