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Discussion in 'Original Pictures Forum' started by RN Lawncare, Sep 4, 2009.

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    Hey guys, im kinda new to this site and this is like my first thread but anyways im 14 and have been cutting grass for about 3 years now and working on cars alongside my dad since I could walk. Haha don't now how much of work i really did then though:laugh:. But anyways my dad's been working on cars since he was little and his dad, my grandpa owns a junkyard and me and my dad both still spend a lot of time there my grandpa is close to 80 but still works everday. So I was there the other day and walking around out back and was looking were they have all the mowers there are some old zero turns and mostly riders though, a few walk behinds. I saw a new zero turn that had caught on fire and got a picture of it and also found me a mower!:clapping:Its a old exmark walkbehind but will be good for me. My dad and I are going to pick it up sunday so i'll post pics. I'll take as many pictures as I can when I go. I have the picture of the zero turn right now though. So Enjoy!
  2. RN Lawncare

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    Heres The Zero That Caught On Fire.

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    That sucks, have fun starting up.
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    Depending on how old that machine is, that ROPS on the back might still be worth some money since it really doesn't look damaged by the fire.
  5. RN Lawncare

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    Ya it is in good condition, the mower is a early 2008 model btw.
  6. RN Lawncare

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    Here is a couple more mowers.

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    Didnt Jeff Foxworthy say "If you mow your yard...and find a might be a redneck."

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    thats a lazer z
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    You mean "was" a lazer Z

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