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  1. Envy Lawn Service

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    Ok guys... lets talk mower grease... for those of you who own machines with grease fittings... and actually put grease in them periodically... LOL

    I had stopped to get some grease this week and I have found that I can no longer find the grease I was using. So I was having trouble sleeping tonight and decided to surf the net to try to find myself a new brand.

    Around here I see the...

    Green Grease
    Citgo Mystik

    So I started looking them up on the net. The primary reason being is that my mower has mostly Timkin tapered roller bearings... and as I understand it, these are very good bearings and you are not supposed to just pump any old grease in the. So I figured I better check the Timkin rating and other specs on the grease.

    Frankly, I had figured that the synthetics and/or the Amsoil, Lucas and Valvoline products would really top the charts. Well... come to find out, it doesn't seem to me that their $5-$8 per tube No. 2 LB EP grease is any better than the rest of the stuff.
    (LB = Lithium Base)
    (EP = Extreme Pressure)

    Matter of fact, the best I can tell, these 3 big name brands fall short. The Valvoline grease isn't even Timkin rated. The Lucas and Amsoil are, but seem to rely on fancy sales words and the brand names to sell their product. I mean they seem to have a pretty good product. But they use words like anti-sieze and so forth.... and come to find out, they don't have near the EXTREME protection.

    As best as I understand it, Green Grease Synthetic and Sta-Lube Premuim Red are pretty much equal and out-spec all the rest. Funny because one is supposed to be synthetic and all... and the other says nothing of the sort. I know the Green Grease is another $8 tube of grease. But watch the Sta-Lube red grease end up being $1-$3 a tube a NAPA.

    The previous grease I was using was a red grease...
    Maybe I'm wrong, but unless someone tells me different, I'm switching to Sta-Lube.


    Timken OK Load = 80 Lbs
    Working Temp = 0 to 400°F (300°F continuous)
    4 Ball EP = 88
    4 Ball Wear = 0.4 typical
    LWI weld point = 800+
    Drop Point = 500+°F
    ISO Viscosity Grade = 220
  2. Tharrell

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    I use Shell EP2, pretty good stuff.
  3. grass_cuttin_fool

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    I never have checked the specs, but when I was a mechanic, we used drydene pyro-plex blue. Drydene was bought out by Castrol to have a heavy duty line for machinery(oils and lube). Ive been using it for 800 hours plus in my scag with no problems, 1000 plus on the Jd, I know the Jd doesnt have the same kind of bearings as you stated (tapered)

    sorry im still 1/2 asleep, the reason Im sold on this grease, we were having alot of u-joint failures on our freightliners and we would lube the ujoints often but they were always dry (no old grease). The pyro-plex blue seemed to stay in them alot better and also it doesnt dry out and get hard like some grease does when it gets old

  4. Runner

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    I use about anything I can long as it's the sticky stuff, like trhe heavy duty. For the spindles, I really prefer the high temp ones.
  5. Brendan Smith

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    i use gm chassis grease. go figure:laugh:

    SOUTHERNGREENSCAPES LawnSite Senior Member
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    My Dealer Recomended Penzoil High Temp And It Seems To Do Well For Me. But I Don't Have The Hours On My Machines That Some Of These Guys Do.
  7. subs1000w

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    any grease is better than none at all just hit all the fitting when you suposed to and youll be fine the type you use is not nearly as inportant as the interval of using it
  8. DEEJ

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    subs1000w is bang on in his response. Darn near any grease, applied regularly, will do the job. The worst failures from grease issues are simply that people don't use it, or don't use it enough.
  9. Idealtim

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    I second this. I've seen far too many machines go down before there time is up because of some bone heads that decide that the grease daily stickers on the machine are just kidding lol.
  10. gqnine44

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    I use the Amsoil Marine grease becuase tires, etc are always getting wet and it seems to last longer. We rarely loose bearings.

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