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Mower-hauling Hotrod: front-wheel-drive for a trailer high deck; custom-built one?


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St. Louis, MO
The main disadvantage using a box truck or open dovetail bed cabover truck is the height of the bed (40+ inches) which requires giant dovetails or long, often bifold, ramps. If one started with a front-wheel-drive chassis, however, one could use a standard landscape trailer (as low as 16 inch deck height) or box trailer for the bed with drop axles.
Attached are the some pictures of an example of such a custom machine (only it has a carhauler bed instead of a landscape bed); this was listed on ebay and was built using a 1970's GM full-size front-wheel-drive drivetrain (like that used in the early 1970's GMC motor homes) and a 1939 Diamond T cab-over cab. It is 21 ft long, with a 16 ft bed. I think I would prefer a single 6000 lb axle ( bit farther back) to the dual axles.
The only other FWD heavy drivetrain I can think of is the VW one used on some Winnebago motorhomes; does anyone else have any ideas? I also speculated that you could use a 4WD pickup cab and drivetrain, minus the rear driveshaft and axle. You would have to come up with somewhere to put the fuel tank (unless you used an old truck with the in-cab fuel tank).
Please share your ideas for a mower-hauling hotrod.





KPW LawnCare

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New London PA
That would be awsome to have, there are a lot of new ones out there made with new trucks when you go to a drag strip, get like a 18' deck on it and your ready to go.


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Washington DC
the only thing wrong with using a 4wd truck, is that the truck already turns about as good as the "queen mary" and by doubling wheel base, it'll be even worse....would be a neat build though...

Jason Rose

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The truck pictured, wow... Certianly "original". That one is front wheel drive only? Man I'm sure that's a dream when it's loaded with a car and there's some mud... lol. Of course it also looks like it's a "concept" design more than an actual working vehicle.

I'll stick to pulling a trailer I guess.

How about a roll back tow truck?? Same idea, only the bed tips up and slides back to allow you to load equipment, then you slip it back up level again and you are off. No trailer needed.

Lawn Enforcer

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The low loading height is definitely an advantage. Do some searching on the internet, because I've seen about 20 newer 2500 trucks with the same set-up. Like said before, go to a drag strip, you'll probably see one like this, only newer.


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I have seen several of these with a 90's style chevy. A guy a know uses them to haul cars around town. If you google it you can fnd pics and info on them.
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Auburn, WA
That front drive platform that VW used was not very heavy duty, basically the same as they used for their newer front drive vans. The GM front drive drivetrain would probably be the way to go. There are more modern larger front wheel drive cars that may work, but you're talking lots of $$ and lots of custom fabrication.