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Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by jjm, May 11, 2003.

  1. jjm

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    I have a toro 21 inch super recycler mower. It can go as high as 3.5 inches. Is there any way to "rig" it to make it cut higher. I thought of putting larger wheels but I don't know if thay will fit the mower and still let the personal pace sytem work. Any suggestions???

  2. gardentopmama

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    I am trying to choose between the Toro recycler and Super Recycler. While I like the aluminum body and recommendations of users, I want a 4 inch cut which only the Recycler provides. So I am in a dilemma at the moment and need to buy a mower soon.
    Did you ever get any replies on this?
    Why is 4inches or more important to you?
  3. jjm

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    No one replied to my initial post. I have done a lot of research and from personal experience, the higher the cut (especially with tall fescues), the lawn is greener and more drought resistant. You would be amazed at the difference you get going from 3.5-4 inches. I too liked the height that the recycler gave but after research, I found that it is really not a "toro". It is a cheap version in which the wheel adjustments break easily since they are flimsy and the engine is not as powerful as the superrecycler. The recycler is a way toro can market to people a lawnmower that is more affordable. I am very pleased with the cut that the superrecycler gives; no other gives such a clean, smooth cut. I just wish they would have made the height adjustment a bit higher.

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    Not sure but you might be able to put the wheels one notch higher by going past the notches and actually putting the lever outside past the last highest setting. you can do this on some but not all mowers. I can't remember with the toros.
  5. gardentopmama

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    Thanks Paul and Jim
    Jim, if you have a digital camera and can take a picture of the SR mower wheel and height adjustment area, perhaps you can post the picture to give the gerry-riggers of the lawn world a chance to suggest a way to do it. I know that the regular recycler has a stamped body notch system but think the SR has something else).Since I have not bought either yet, I cannot. If so, I would like to have a picture myself. (can we do attachments in this forum?, if not we can try direct email.)

    Most homeowner type mower body shapes are sculpted so that larger wheels will touch the body.
    Paul and Jim,
    However I tried what Paul suggested at the beginning of the season, putting the setting above the notches on a mid grade Yardman. It raised the blade to give me additional cut height which I was better satisfied with. However the settings kept slipping from time to time. PS To make this work, I had to add an 'inch' of washers and spacers on the inside of each back wheel to move the wheels (large wheels) out/away from the body in order to stop them from rubbing the body. It worked better that way but the wheels were a bit wobbly (dont know how long this would have lasted.)
    Lisa (alias gardentopmama

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