Mower help: 3-6 acre property

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by JDeere, Apr 27, 2009.

  1. JDeere

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    I have a 22 acre residence and need something vastly better than a 40" Deere garden tractor with a belly mower.

    Scag, Hustler and Exmark are the three supported product lines in my area. If I look around, Toro is probably on that list too.

    There are a couple acres of manicured lawn up around the house, about two acres of rough that needs to be trimmed up and down the driveway (half mile long), and for another 5-6 years, there is 5 acres in young fir trees that need to be mowed between. Over this time the trees will grow up and together, eliminating that 5 acres from mowing. The property is fairly flat to mild slope. There is one long, narrow strip of wicked side slope that scares the daylights out of me on my 30 and 60-horse tractors, but the neighbor uses the same equipment to mow this stretch and is still alive. Everything but the 2 acres up around the house is a little bumpy. Not bad, just not smooth. No potholes. The little Deere mower doesn't scalp.

    Beds are fairly wide spaced, nothing is tight. No gate problems. Up around the house I like to cut short. Farther away from the house I cut at 3" to 4" depending on the moisture.

    Your suggestions for commercial quality mowers would be much appreciated. What deck width and manufacturer would you use?

    Like you, I'm not impervious to the new economic reality that's unfolding, but going cheap is always a mistake. I may keep an eye on craigslist for used equipment and, if so, will probably have to show a little more flexibility. There is a Hustler Super Z 60" with Triton deck for about $7,000 with under 100 hours.

    I've seen a couple of JD F935's for sale, but not sure if a ZTR wouldn't be better overall.

    The grass here tends to be wet and heavy. Fescue blend. It rains a lot in Oregon--sort of similar to the NE, just wetter.

    So when in doubt, ask the pros! Your experience is appreciated.


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  2. I.M. Green

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    The super Z sounds like it might be a good deal depending on the particulars. Any of the manufactures you mentioned would be find I'm sure. However I would go with 72" and because of the moisture you mentioned I would try and get one with a Kubota engine on it. Me personally I'm an Exmark guy and prefer it over the others
  3. Herrick

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    A front mount mower (like the F935)would help immensly with the pine trees... much easier to get up and under them eliminating a lot of trimming. Otherwise any of the ZTR's you mentioned should work ok also.
  4. WH401

    WH401 LawnSite Senior Member
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    I would go with a front mount mower as well, there ability to get right up close to objects is great. Try to find one of the older Kubota F series mowers, such as the F 2400's or such. Search "Kubota Mower" on Ebay and you should get a whole bunch of choices. Those things are made very well and will run forever with the proper care.
  5. ALC-GregH

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    I'd consider a front mount as well.
  6. topsites

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    So is it 3-6 acres or is it 22?
  7. newtostone

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    I think its called lastec......83" deck? Not someone else will know better, so if anyone could help clear up that thought for me that would be great.
  8. I'll chime in with everyone else on this thread and say Kubota F series. It's front mount 72" or 60" plus it has 4 wheels with individual wheel brakes to help on the steep stuff. Maybe you could even find one that's 4 wheel drive, but it won't turn as sharp as the 2WD.
    They run forever in residential use. Just put a Donaldson filter on it once in a while & change the oil. Easy ride, good trim capability, mow good on uneven ground.
  9. JDeere

    JDeere LawnSite Member
    from OR
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    Guys, this is very useful feedback. To answer some questions:

    1. It's 22 acreas, but only the lesser acreage that I mentioned needs mowed. Horses handle the rest.

    2. Let me see if I understand, a "front mount" mower is like the JDeere F935 or the Kubota 2400 mentioned above? A ZTR isn't a front mount in the vocabulary of the trade? I mean obviously a ZTR has the mower deck up front, but it isn't referred to as such?

    3. I've been wondering if something like the Kubuta 2400 or JD F935 would have an adequate turning radius verses a ZTR. The Deere looks long, long, LONG! I've also been wondering about the comparative cut quality of a ZTR versus the front mount like the JD F935. Anyone care to enlighten me??

    4. Okay, really stupid question time: should I worry about having a mulching deck?

    5. Sounds like nobody's afraid of 60" as a minimum? Thinking about scalping problems on the nice grass up by the house...

    Guys, your help means a lot. You will undoubtedly save me big money and time (compared to my trying to figure it out without the benfit of experience).

    Thanks! :)
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  10. JDeere

    JDeere LawnSite Member
    from OR
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    So David, I didn't mention I see a Groundsmaster 325 for sale. It's gas, therefore I might pass. Judging from the size of the photo, it looks great for wide open spaces but will feel big up around the house. True, or...?

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