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Mower - I don't think this has been asked specifically


LawnSite Member
I'm in NJ, only have about 10 lawns, all of which are 3/4 acres up to 3 acres
My question is about a mower with a collection system/bagging system.

So what would you recommend? I thought of the Walker or Scag but when the lawns are wet then what.. I wanna be able to cut and bag the lawns at any time of year.

Ron's Lawncare

LawnSite Senior Member
Southern Maine
first off i love my walker but to do a 3 acre property a z with a bagger is much more efficent.the biggest GHS deck walker makes is 48'' and there hopper is 9.5 bushels.the scag has a 16 bushel tripple bagger couple this to a 60'' deck, that will kick butt. if i land the big accts i'm working on,i will seriously look into the scag for open area mowing.



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barrington RI
also the scag has a much faster mowing speed then the walker so you might wont to look at that to because the walking is one of the slower zs out there but it has a great collection system and cut. buy them both walker for the smaller places scag for the big ones but in all seriousness they are both good choices probably the scag if u have alote more bigger places and the walker if most are smaller


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I appreciate your replies. I kinda exagerated on the 3 acres. But it pretty big, probally takes me a good part of an hr just to cut the property.

I've been using a 52" exmark HP but without using the bagger.
I like the exmark buuuttt then I don't..
Never really loved the way it striped a lawn. I have a 4-5 year old bobcat gear drive walkbehind and you cant beat the cut. But this mower was killing my hands from fatique so I went halves on a 52, 23hp Exmark.

Like I said its a good machine but I'm lookin to sell it and take my half to buy a different machine but also with some kind of bagging system. I really like the dumps on some of the machines.

Any suggestions,, and same with the scag I like them but then I don't. Also I don't want bigger than a 52 or 54" cut. A 60" is just way too big.
I've always heard good things about the Hustler but the closest dealer is about 20 - 30 minutes away and its a pain to get there. Realize that I'm in NJ so this might help you help me.
What about the new Toro does it cut better than the exmark??

mike lane lawn care

LawnSite Bronze Member
Lenox, MA
how about a larger lawn/garden tractor. they are not the most effevtive but you can get a tow behind leaf collector, and for only 10 yards, a tractor could add some versatility. (grading, tilling, dethatching...) just my two cents