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    I actually first started out doing lawns for my neighbors. Back then I never knew what striping was. I would just mow it. I actually had people pick me up to take me to their house to mow the lawn. Then at the age of 16 I got my car, and started going around mowing with my push mower trunk of the car. Tell you one thing, I lost like 30 lbs one summer pushing that mower. Then I bought another push mower for back up reasons.

    I then finally bought myself a craftsman mower and an 8ft trailer. That summer I worked everyday for 91 days straight without a day off.

    I then moved up in the world and bought my first commericals mowers. Two 48" cut. I sold them that year because I couldn't cover the costs of them.

    Then one year out of the business I jump backed in full force. Had my experiences hiring and firing employees. (What an experience that was...yeah right)

    Expanded to other cities, yellow pages, newspaper ads, and finally that is where I am at right now.

    (this story is a short version)

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