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my kohler motor is smoking its a 14 hp kohler and it isn't that old at all, what do i do to fix it?!? also sometimes it won't start worth a darn and i have to take the airfilter off and put starter fluid in it, what can i do to fix that prob??

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Pull the air cleaner off & take you finger, then rub it around the down inside of carb intake. See if you get dirt on your finger. Any dirt at all is a sign of dirt ingestion & if this is your problem & dirt on your finger, no warranty. Unless there is leakage caused by faulty parts or materials somewhere at intake.

Hopefully there is no dirt inside of carb intake. Then you have other problem. Most engine manufactures have guide lines about how much oil a engine uses in a certain length of time, during the peroid of warranty.

If so you might get lucky & get it fixed under warranty. If this is the case & dealer says not warranty, go to a few others. Then if no satisfaction from dealers, contact Warranties department of your engine manufacture & explain you situation. They should be able to help you.

BTW & FYI?????
Did you know that there has been studies made & that in most cases dirt ingestion is most likely caused at the time of service. Yep, when pulling off the air cleaner is when dirt gets into engine. Because of person servicing engine is not careful. Unless a extreme circumstances I would not even pull Air Cleaner off in the field.

Why the reason is simple that is when dirt falls down in carb if not careful. If you out on the job, your not able to get this dirt out & it only takes 1 grain of dirt to ruin that engine.

Solution is, buy yourself a air compressor & blow off debris before removing the filter & you might want to even cover up the opening of carb with rag, after you pull air cleaner & blow out dirt that is around base that holds air cleaner again. It's just good insurance that will make yo engine last a long time.

If you find any dirt in intake of carb, DO NOT RUN THAT ENGINE, untill you can take it somewhere & remove carb if needed & clean out dirt. I would even remove the head or heads & clean dirt off of heads too! Save that engine NOW! It's just good insurance.

Air compressor can save just as much money or more than good signs on your truck can get you more business. If you service your equipment at all, you need a air compressor & "That's a Fact Jack!"

Would you do business with a shop that does not have air compressor, I don't think so, that would be like being in the Lawn Service business & not owning a Lawn mower of any kind to work with?