mower lines


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how do you make the mower lines with a bobcat zero trun. do u start from the left of the lawn and go right or right to left, on angle cut do u start from the top of the yard and work down??? help me out guys


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I'm not sure if I'm clear on what you're asking but I'll try to answer. Striping a lawn is when the grass blades are bent over from the mower going in different directions. It really won't matter where you start except if you know where it will be viewed from the most, that should be you're concern. If you're talking about turning, that is quite important. If you're using a belt drive it can be done with a small amount of effort at the end of each pass. When you get to the end of a pass, don't lock up the inside wheel but rather feather the brake and get set up for the next stripe. Then pull the mower back to the end of the stripe so it will be correctly lined up. I use a Bob-Cat also and they really stripe awsome when correctly set up. I put gator blades on it last year though and lost some of the ability. I purchased a rubber flap that goes on an eXmark walkbehind and weighted it with threaded rod and got it to stripe better than ever. I hope you can understand what I'm saying about the striping. Get the book "Picture Perfect", it has more info on striping than you will ever need.