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    i plan to have at most 10 lawns this year. i plan to start with a good jd 21" push, the upgrade to a super duty quick 36. what kind of maintenance will be required of these mowers? also handhelds?
  2. Valk

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    Air cleaner - clean and/or replace - follow your mower's owner/service manual...paper elements can only be gently shaken and are easily replaceable

    Spark plug - check gap and/or replace - a good place to begin when having starting problems

    Engine oil - check level regularly and change regularly - follow advice in service manual - most say to stay away from multiple viscosity oils unless running full synthetic

    Blades - keep them sharp as this makes life a LOT easier for you, your customer...and most importantly, the turf! Sharpen and/or replace as needed.

    Grease - use of lubricants at axles, grease fittings, etc...

    There's a lot more, but the above are the basics. READ the owner/service manual...and retain. Yes, retain the info AND the manual for consulting purposes.

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    Like VALK said the owners manual and follow it to the letter ...machines will last darn near forever if given proper care and are used in the proper manor.
  4. ffemt1271

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    on the 2 cycle at the beginning of the year i replace:
    air filter
    fuel filter
    fuel lines
    replace grease in gearboxes
    grease cable in shaft
    check spark plug.

    on mowers

    check oil every morning.
    clean and inspect entire mower every week.

    every 50 hours.
    change oil & filter
    check hydro oil
    grease unit
    check belts
    clean or replace air filter

    i've been doing this since 2003 and i have not had any breakdowns and have had a 98% equipment in-service rate.
  5. topsites

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    I can not emphasize oil level enough, check this garbage at LEAST daily!
    According to the manual you should check it every yard, every time before you start it, yes, technically that's what it says.
    That or run synthetic oil, even then it could seize but it takes considerably more.

    Keep the blades sharp, I'd say with 10 yards sharpen them twice a week or about every one time you go round once with all 10, so every 5-10 yards sharpen the blades. It goes beyond just being a nut about sharpness, it's so the blade nut or bolt gets loosened often enough it doesn't freeze itself onto the machine, also it keeps the rust off that likes to form over night, sharpening blades frequently is good all around.

    Get a pre-cleaner for the air filter, then keep that clean!
    This will help from having to replace the air filter nearly as often, matter of fact get several (2-3 maybe 4) pre-cleaners so you always have some clean.

    Much beyond that read the manual.
  6. Jay Ray

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    I'm a nut on fuel lines. Buy it 20' at a time at NAPA. When I see the first crack in the hose it gets replaced. Everything else you do also.

    I've never greased cable & shaft on trimmers. Do you just remove the bottem end (gear box case) and push the grease in using fingers?
  7. ffemt1271

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    your supposed to do it yearly on trimmers and edgers. just remove the gearbox and slide the shaft out, get a squirt tube of grease(i use white lithium) you can get it at home depot, a lot cheaper than a dealer. squirt some along the shaft and slide it back in. you may have to work with it some because there are about 5 bushings in the tube that it has to go back thru. :usflag:
  8. Jay Ray

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    Thanks for the info
  9. Breezmeister

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    On alot of the gear heads on trimmers, there is a bolt that is on the side of the housing that has no real reason to be there. It can be removed and a 8 or 10 MM grease fitting screwed in so the the head can be greased. Just a couple of squeezes is all that is needed. Put the bolt back in. Make sure you use a metric grease fitting, other wise you will fubar the threads in the head.

    To grease the shaft, remove the gear head, pull the shaft out and give it a lite coating of grease as you put it back in. yea, you have to get your hands dirty :)

    Before you pull the shaft out, look at how far the end comes out of the tube, remember that. The shaft is splined at both ends and needs to seat back in the clutch drum when you put it back in. You may have to "play" with it by turning it and pushing it back and forth to get it to seat. Then put the gear head back on and make sure the the head seats on the shaft.
    :laugh:Easy as pie :laugh:
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