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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by ryanc, Apr 26, 2013.

  1. ryanc

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    So I know that Wright & John Deere mowers are the exact same thing, same goes for Toro & Exmark. I'm not sure about Scag. Does someone own them or they own someone else?
  2. Greyst1

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    Scag is owned by Metalcraft of Mayville
    Wright is owned by Wright and John Deere has contracted their Standers to be mfg'd by Wright for Deere. Deere does mfg their ZTR's
    Toro does own Exmark however their commercial line of Z's, Walks, & Standers are manufactured at an Exmark plant. Some Exmark models may be mfg'd at a Toro plant as well (not sure but likely)

    Welcome to American Manufacturing. Spent 9 years in it, very confusing.....
  3. mowerbrad

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    Like said previously, John Deere has contracted with Wright to manufacture their stand-on mowers. They aren't exactly the same however. Deere did have Wright make a few changes to their stander like a few changes to the decks to help it perform better. I would also guess that Wright is using the John Deere spec'ed engines on the slanders as well.
  4. caseysmowing

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    I think Briggs owns ferris and snapper. Go scag!!
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  5. Greyst1

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    This is true, they used to own Giant Vac as well however Briggs recently sold Giant Vac to Scag.
  6. Joshuakwhit

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    It doesn't matter where exmark is made still the same as toro.
  7. Greyst1

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    Not identical, decks are different but pretty much everything else is the same. Walk behinds are a differential story.
  8. JCLawn and more

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    and simplicity, great dane. Then husqvarna Husqvarna (pronounced [ˈhʉːskvɑːrna]), originally a military arsenal founded in 1689 to produce muskets for the Swedish Army. The company Husqvarna has since grown and its production has changed from weapons to sewing machines, kitchen equipment, bicycles, motorcycles, lawn mowers, chainsaws and construction products. The Husqvarna brand is used by the company Husqvarna, but is also licensed.

    Electrolux bought Husqvarna in 1977,Partner & Jonsered in 1979.In 1988 the Pioneer/Partner name was changed to Poulan Pro for the North American market - with smaller saws made in USA,mid sized to large saws rebadged Pioneer/Partner made both in Canada & Sweden

    Then add every box store handheld besides MTD, dixion, I think yazoo, blue bird, red max, and who else?

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