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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by hunterc4, Jun 17, 2005.

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    I drive a Kubota ZG20. I mow my yards once a week in Louisiana. The yards I mow range between 3 and 10 acres in size so the grass gets weeds pretty fast (one week). My mower has lately been cutting good full grass great but when it comes to the skimpy grass with tall weeds it skips over the weeds pretty badly. Can anyone please make a suggestion? Going slow doesn't even work, and is really not an option for these yards. I have heard of gator blades should I give those a try?
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  3. Wouldn't that be herbicide
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    How would you go about using herbicide on 10 acres of grass? Well that would be for one yard, I could never afford to herbicide all the acres of grass I cut. I cut large residential and farms.
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    I have the same problem on small lawns..... If you have two sets of blades... although a pain in the butt.... carry two sets of razor sharp blades.... professionally sharpened blades... not using a file... although file works decent... I"m talking about razor sharp... hey... cut 4 acres... carry a wrench and a block of wood or somethin... thats what I use.. switch the blades and continue.... you can also invest in "GATOR" blades... which Lesco sells.. that help chop up the grass and kinda make your blades work less in a way... hope this helped.. good luck... Oh... and don't use herbicides on 10 acres.. you'll need a one of those VIPERS from Lesco for like 6 grand... mabye more... and they look really confusing... MO MONEY... MO PROBLEMS.... Keep it simple... PEACE AND GREENS :waving:
  6. What, are you doing it for free?? The customer pays for the weed control and you make money from the product by marking up price and then make money from the application, hello... Or you could sub it out for bush hogging..
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    You speak of streaking, the effect of missing one or more blades of grass when mowing. As a rule, *ALL* lawnmowers streak, sometimes the fault lies in the machine, other times it's operator error, and then there are those which nobody can figure out. Usually, single blades of grass left standing are machine error while patches left behind are operator error, but in the end just remember: *ALL* lawnmowers streak.

    That having been said...
    Gator blades in general won't do the trick as *LIFT* is required to draw grass (weeds) up into the mower deck, and the gators slice through air thus providing insufficient lift. Gators are designed for mulching, which is the process of NOT shooting as much grass through the chute, but in the end the blade has to be CUT first in order to be mulched.
    From what I've experienced, the problem is almost always recessed blades, meaning your mower's blades are UP inside the deck and what happens is this:
    The mower's front skirt hits the weed and bends it down, now your mower passes over it and since your blades are too far up, they miss the weed as they pass right over and the back skirt bends it back down again, and then the weed stands up right behind you.
    Best I have found is raise the deck while lowering the blades. You don't want to alter your cut-height so you have to study this and it generally involves the use of washers or spacers. In my case, I like having the bottom of the blades level with the skirt edges, the only problem now is this:
    Just because the skirt clears an object (sidewalk, rock, root, etc), doesn't mean the blades will !!! So it does take some getting used to, but in the end this alleviates streaking considerably because now your blades are doing business ALMOST below skirt level.

    Hope is help
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    We have a large patch of solid weeds with a solid grass on one end. We have a new Ferris IS3000 and it will cut through the weeds and do a crappy job and go right into the grass and do a beauitiful job. Weeds are just hard to cut and no machine will cut them good.
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    Scag made a change to the front of their deck to address this very problem. Our new Scag does a lot better than our Scag Cougar but a little still gets missed. I think the blade speed on the newer units helps.
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    I really wouldn't worry about a little streaking on 3-10 acres...

    Like Travis said, weeds just don't cut as cleanly as grass.

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