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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by Rupslawn, Nov 27, 2005.

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    Have a client that is willing to buy a commercial grade riding mower for their 1.5 acre property. Has some gentle slopes so looking into 36"-44" to minimize scalping. Looking for recommendations from the pros on make and model of mowers and the deck and blade configuration so that the mower will mulch the grass. This is to mow El Toro zoysiagrass on a beach house property at 1.5" height every two weeks. Already got info on Exmark Phazer (new model for 2006) and the Hustler Mini-something. Dealer had an Exmark Timecutter, but the deck metal was so thin that the dealer said that it would be gone in less than a year. I already do their other home that has a smaller lawn, but now they offered me the job at their weekend beachfront home starting Jan 2006. Would like to recommend the best since they're buying it.
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    Scag make a model called the Z-Cat with a 36in or 42in deck. You can also look at the Scag Tiger Cub it has a 48in deck. We have two Tiger Cubs both are 48's and they are great mowers.
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    The small phazer would be a good choice if you have the budget, but your dealer is exaggerating about the deck on the cheaper homeowner mower. They don't last as long, but they last longer than a year. Still probably not a good investment long term. A phazer would probably literally last a lifetime in home use.

    Check out the Hustler fastrack mowers and the Gravely 34/44z also.
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    Doesn't toro make the timecutter?

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