mower no working right, not throwing grass

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by cedarcroft, Jul 18, 2005.

  1. cedarcroft

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    the other day I came out from the backyard of one of my houses to see my 2 guys with my brand new 36" scag propped up on the catcher and the 2 of them staring under it totally perplexed. one of them was pulling clumps of grass out w/ a stick while the other stared like a deer in the headlights. my "foreman" sees me and trots over and says "the mower no working, no throwing grass right. its broken." I walk over and in 1/10th of a second turn to him and say " you put the blades on upside down, ******!!!"
    his face turned purple then pale white as he realized the stupidity of what he did. He has been in this country for 14 years and has been landscaping/cutting grass for all those years. I sharpened the blades and he mounted them upside f**king down!!!! the even more ridiculous part is that the other guy who works for me mowed an entire front lawn like that and the lawn looked like someone cut it with a pair of dull scissors. uneven and scalped everywhere. I immediately spoke to the customer and explained what happened and took total responsibility and they were happy I spoke to them, but for chrissakes, how stupid can it get!! anyone else ever do something so rookie like???

    TURF DOCTOR LawnSite Silver Member
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    This morning i put my shoes on the wrong feet.
  3. The mayor

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    I always wondered what would happen if I put the blades on upside down. Now I know. thanks for doing the leg work. :p
  4. jim dailey

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    Do you know that STENS supplies blades that are stamped on the bottom: "GRASS SIDE". !!! They are made in France, go figure !!!
  5. extoro

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    Lawn-Boy blades use to have the same thing stamped into them and they were, are, built right here at home.

    Its really not a bad idea especially with so many ZTR's being sold to homeowners
  6. GreenGrassEarnsCash

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    my dad has done this before, upside down and backwards
  7. befnme

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  8. burns60

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    Yeah, myself. I was so excited with my new impact wrench and showing off with it, and seeing how fast I could change a set of blades that I put the middle blade on upside down. Went to my next job and started with mulching some magnolia leaves. After that I started on the yard and realized my stupid mistake right away. It happened on "the yard". The one that if I am going to have a problem, it is the one. Anyone else have a yard that you seemed to be jinxed with?
  9. Envy Lawn Service

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    Yeah, if you put them on upside down, the cutting edges are also backwards.
    The rear top edge of the lift sail is the portion striking the grass.


    Thanks for the story. You did a good job of telling it and I got a histerically funny mental picture. Brought tears to my eyes I laughed so hard.

    :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:
  10. AlbeLawn

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    earlier this year my new guy did this. it took me like 2 seconds to figure out something was wrong. It will tear up a yard fast, the yard i cut looked like crap but it was spring and came back real fast. He has not done it sense.

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