Mower not starting with new engine


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I have a 2014 Toro SS3200 that has always run great, but recently started leaking oil from the OHV. I decided to put a new engine on and whent with a lc1p96f-v-608cc-muf engine which I ordered new on eBay. Engine came in and after some bloody knuckles I got it installed and ran perfect. However a week later and it won't crank. Stick with me on this.....

Yesterday it seemed it didn't have enough power from the battery so I charged it, put it back on and after trying the key (switch is new and has worked perfect) a few times it finally started up. Then I shut it down started it back up perfect. Next yard....won't start again. Charged battery again and after a few times with the key it starts up. I took the battery home and stuck it on a charger over night and came in today installed the battery and nothing..... I bypassed the solenoid with a screwdriver and engine turns over but no visible spark from the spark plug. Before moving the handles in would engage a safety mechanism (it's audible when it engages) that wouldn't allow it to crank and when you moved them out it would disengage. Now however the mechanism engages without the handles moving and only with the turn of the key. It's also very random when it engages but if you do the key back and forth 10 times it may engage or disengage 7 times. I have tried turning it over after I hear the mechanism and still nothing. Earlier today I found a loose fuse, reseated it and the mower started right lawn wouldn't start. Still won't turn over with the key, and bypassing the solenoid turns over but doesn't crank. I can't find a wiring diagram for the Toro mower so any help would be very much appreciated!!!!!!


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My first question; is the new engine the same manufacturer and model? Second; did you have to change the engine to chassis wires? Third, have you checked battery voltage at full throttle when the engine runs, should be 13.5-14.5 VDC. You can start by checking for voltage at solenoid trigger wire while ignition key is in the start position. If there is no voltage, possibly the key switch is bad. Good luck.


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You don't say whether or not you've actually checked your battery for voltage? So...stop charging it unless you have done so...using a multi-meter.

With the battery disconnected from the mower, check the 'resting' voltage. IF it is not within spec...then fully charge the battery. Let it sit overnight and check the resting voltage again. Sometimes a battery will 'take' a charge, but not 'hold' a charge.

Once you've determined your battery is (or isn't) good, you can move forward chasing what is clearly some electrical problems. Begin by checking the battery voltage (engine running at full throttle) to determine if your engine is charging the battery. Then you'll need to start checking your 'start' circuit (ignition switch, safety switches, starter solenoid, etc).


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May or may not be as simple as a bad + or - cable or connection.