Mower Oil Changes

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by lawncare18, Sep 1, 2006.

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    guys... anyone know what kind of oil filter the quick 36 13hp take off hand.. brigs engine???

    Also what do you guys use on your mower decks to stop the grass from sticking so much to the inside... grass is wet and I am cleaning the deck every night??? Any sprays or anything/??

    Thanks in advance
  2. newz7151

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    The most common Briggs filter is part number 492932S. The extended life version of that is 696854. If it is an Intek Pro with Pressure Lubrication, it could be part number 692513.

    What model is the engine?
  3. Restrorob

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    You may try some of this; I got my free can and have used it on many things but haven't tried it under a deck, I'm not in the mowing biz so don't cut wet grass. Give Dano a shout and give it a try.
  4. PowerEquipmentWarehouse

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    A lot of our residential customers use a product called MO-DECK. They all love it and claim it stops the grass from sticking. I don't know how well it would hold up in a commercial use setting, and it is not cheap $6.99 a can. Try it and see.....Mike

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