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    I have a plan and have been investigating ins, and have pretty much decided how to do a parttime start up. I found this site from a friend and I am at ground zero again on mowing machines. I was pretty much set to buy a 3000 series cubcadet and do strictly residentials. Then I saw all the stuff here on walk behind mowers and I am all stop. I ned to rethink my mower needs again. So far from what I have read here WB's maybe the way to go. HELP!!<p>----------<br>gil692<br>

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    gil, use the search feature for tons and tons of info on walk behinds. Your probobly going to want to go 32&quot; - 48&quot; depending on the properties you have. <p>----------<br>&lt;a href=&quot;;&gt;&quot;Guido&quot;&lt;/a&gt;<br>David M. Famiglietti
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    Plan on doing up to 1/2 acre lots. Going to try and do 1-2 yards/lawns a day 3-4 days a week. Looking to see if I have stamina and ability to be nice.
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    If you plan on doing more than 2 lawns aday, DO NOT buy a tractor. Buy a walk behind to start
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    Thanks. for the info guys. Now I will start the search of a good WB. looking at probably a 36&quot; that seems to be the standard starter from what I have seen here. Any preferences to WB's. Belt drive seems to be less money but how about reliability?
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    Forget how many lawns you are going to do because you never know what the future holds. Just buy a walkbehind. They are more productive, more reliable and give a better cut all for probably the same price or less than a Cadet. Seems like an easy decision to me.
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    Gil692-I'm glad you have listened to our post on why not to buy a tractor style mower and go with walkbehinds.I own Walker mowers.Up untill last year I though walkbehinds where for small companys and are no good.Well I don't think that way any more!I was getting sick and tired of useing a push mower on all my small jobs or hills and gated yards.So I bought last year a scag 36'' 14hp dual hydro.It has been one of my best buys!It has gone from replaceing most of the push-mower work to doing all our small residential jobs.Its cut is awsome and it is a real work horse!I even plow snow with it in the winter up here.To answer some of your questions now.36'' would be my choice.As far as brands go most buy a commercial brand like scag,exmark,ferris,ransomes,bob-cat,toro,excell and so on.Now when it comes to buying a belt,gear or hydro.There is only 1 choice!!!!Hydro!Why you ask?Here are some reasons.1 a hydro is about 1/3 faster than belt or gear.2 hydro's can handel steep hill and slopes with no problem.3 They are worth much more when you decide to sell it.4 allthough I don't know of anyone else that does this this is still an other reason to buy hydro,like I said before I use mine to plow snow in the winter.5 Belt drives are garbage in wet conditions or even if there is alot of dew on the grass.I'm shure there are a few more reasons to buy hydro but that covers the main reasons.Yes they cost a bit more but it is well worth the extra cost!I highly recomed the scag 36'' dual hydro.It has been an awsome machine!Many other like exmark toro and I have heard good things about ransomes.Try to find as many dealers in your area as you can and see what brands are avalible.Hope this helps!Let us know which brands are avalible in your area!<p>----------<br>from:Adam<br>AB Lawn Care
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    Belt vs. hydro<p>I use a delt drive, Adam said hydros have a advantage in wet conditions. That is very true. Ive only had one time when the belts were wet enough to slip, and that was on a hill, which is a safety hazard.<p>If you maintain flat areas a belt drive would be fine. Wet/ hilly regions the hydro, even for the safety only, is worth he cost.
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    toroguy--not to contradect your experience with my own, but I have had great results with a belt drive on hills, wet or dry. I'd suggest that if the hill is wet enough to cause a safety problem for a belt drive, you probably shouldn't be mowing it at all.<p>for what it's worth, gravely WBs are real big in my area and I do hear complaints about the wet belts. but I have not shared their problems with belt traction using my lesco 48.<p>one thing for sure with a belt drive--start at the bottom of the hill and mow up, going side to side. always make your turns so the deck goes up the hill. rarely there is a problem using this method (in my experience, others may differ, of course!:).<p>GEO

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