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Mower Pic from San Diego Show


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Madisonville, KY
I just got back from the golf and turf equipment show, wanted to share some pics of our booth.

check out this link go down to the 69" , 86" and the 72" articulator and let me know what you think.

Man I can't wait till we get these mowers out, we have had so many cutters at the shows we have been to wanting to demo.

mdb landscaping

LawnSite Silver Member
Glastonbury, CT
was that the superitendents and groundskeepers show? i went to that show last year in atlanta to represent UConns turf classes. great show. your booth looks great.


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Clinton, NJ
What is the weight?

What is (your website listed different engines) the price tag?


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Just for future reference: Ya need to make an artificial turf base under the mower.Then,for the side that articulates,have the turf (base) at an angle so you really emphasize the fast that the deck articulates.Then have the whole thing turn slowly.That would be a nice display.
Nice looking mower!Gonna have any dealers in Alabama or do you already?