Mower prices are going up!

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by MikeKle, Jul 18, 2008.

  1. MikeKle

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    I had to stop by the exmark dealer today to pick up some parts and like always I stop and look at the new mowers, they just got one of those Ferris ZTR with the CAT engine, one word-INCREDIBLE, the price was close to what I just paid for my truck! I am going to buy a new WB next season, either anotherr Turf Tracer,23hp or the Ferris DD,25hp/61", that ferris is really wide! The new upcoming price for the top of the line WB for exmark is $6850. The ferris with the larger engine-$6000. He said all commercial mowers are going up an average of 7-10%!!!( due to rising cost of everything)The root of all the problems,Fuel prices.

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    that sucks. good thing i bought my mower used
  3. ken0564

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    7-8% on Exmark eff 8/4 at our dealer. Scag and Gravely have already increased 7-9%, don't recall which was what.
  4. mjealey

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    I was at my Scag dealer the other day and he said they were going up 8%. He also carries Gravely and Snapper and they both went up on July 14.
  5. CAT powered

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    Look at the price of scrap steel. It is up at least 10% if not more. If it costs 10% more for steel then it is only logical that the price of mowers and cars will go up by 10% at least. Also look at the cost of energy and how it has risen over the past few years. It is only logical that the price of mowers will rise.

    It really stinks, but the price is going up for a reason.
  6. JFF

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    I bought an exmark this week and my dealer told me the same thing.

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