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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by ACutAbovesiny, Feb 27, 2007.

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    I just landed a great account with a local little league. We will be mowing the fields and also maintaining the grounds. Currently we only use 21" push mowers...that just wont do. Today I applied for credit with John Deere and Ferris. I have not heard back yet but if I get approved which should I get??

    I will be buying: one 36" walk behind and one 48" walk behind.

    I know what your a ztr or a riding tractor. This just is not practical due to the fact that there are no large properties that would require a rider in my area. Plus money is an issue. I will be able to use the 36" on some other properties

    Which machine should I buy---the john deere or the ferris?
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    dont buy a 36 just buy a 48 &52 because next year you wish you would have bought the bigger mower. I have learned that buy once not every year.
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    If you're in NY, you can appreciate Ferris being upstate. If you need parts, they can ship up to 6:00 PM, UPS to your dealer (or you? dont know for sure if they direct ship) so you'll have parts the next day for no extra charge. I dont personally like the controls on my Ferris 36, dont know much about the JD. My thumbs get VERY tired and sore after several hours of using it.
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    Why buy a new mower that you may only use on 1 prop? Buy a nice used 48" WB and save yourself 2-3 grand. If you buy a 36" and use it on the other props, how much time will you really gain on those props? How much longer will it take you on this 1 account? If I were you I'd just get a decent used 48" WB and save the extra money, and if you expand and take on similar props just upgrade to a ZTR from there.

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