Mower question: opinions wanted

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Owosso, MI
A local township, 3 miles from me just outside my city, is solicitating bids for a 60" ExMark Lazer Z. The ZTR is two years old with 150 hours on it(just used to mow the lawn of the township hall and township country park twice a week-roughly 1 1/2 hours per mowings) and has a 20 HP engine. Now my question is, is the engine too small to be used as a commercial mower? It seems it should be at least a 23HP model on the 60". The township gets a 20% discount off the top from ExMark using a township discount that ExMarks gives to rural municipalities but Im afraid they give them lesser power since they are just mowing one flat surface at the township hall and park. Now the minimum bid is $4500. They can trade the mower back in every 2 years for a certain price, the price is $4500 so they start the bidding process at this number to not lose any money. If no one bids on the machine, they just turn it back in at $4500 and get a new mower. I would like to bid on the machine, saw it today and it is beautiful, seriously looks like it was just taken from the warehouse. However, I would feel better if it was 23-25-27 HP for the fact this would be strictly a commercial mower for me and the commercial land in this area is very rough. Thoughts?


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Charleroi P.a
Do you really think 3 or 5 ponys is going to make that much of a difference? I personally dont. if you like it, bid it. I use 17 h.p machines for commerical and res. and they work fine. from experence if you are mowing lawns every week and maintaining them at the proper height cutting no more then 1/3 of the blade all that h.p is a waste. Im sure you are going to have other lco swear more h.p is better but if you were to do a side by side compairison the quality of cut will be equal.


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I am one of those more is better types IMOP that mower is good for a private residence. A 20 hp 60 inch Lazer Z is under powered and not as good as a 23 hp if you ran the Ultra Vac I imagine the 20 horse would struggle. Why don't you post this in the Exmark form and see if Terry has an oppenion.