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Mower Question


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I'm not a landscaping professional like you guys but I'm smart enough to ask the experts when I have a question. We have about an acre to mow and my husband is thinking about a Craftsman 46" mower Sears # 28924. What are your thoughts. Thanks for your time.



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Without doing any research I would say pass on that. I would go to a local Lawn Mower dealership. Look for an inexpensive Zero Turn Radius (ZTR) mower. With some practice you will be able to get the job done much faster. I would shop around and get a few prices from all the dealerships. Then find the dealer you liked the best and he will more than likely match anyone’s price. This away when it breaks or needs service he will be more than happy to help. He should take much better care of you than Sears. Also that Craftsman is not really a Sears mower. It is a rebranded Husqvarna or similar company. I believe Sears just takes bids from manufactures every so often and goes with the best deal. So a 2009 Craftsman may really be a Husqvarna and a 2010 may be a Troy Bilt. My point is when you go to have it serviced you will either be charged more or be low priority.

My 2 cents.


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Eureka, CA
You can buy and inexpensive ZTR homeowner model from husqvarna for now a whole lot more scratch. That crapsman is 1349 after a 340$ rebate. But, for a retail of 2549, you can have a 19hp 46 inch ZTR mower. Just dont get a crapsman ZTR, they are horrible, even for a crapsman. I read the reviews out of curiousity. For an extra 450, you can @ (2999.95) get a 24 hp with 54 inch deck. Heres the link. Im sure you can find one for a little cheaper than full MSRP