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Discussion in 'eXmark' started by devore, Apr 16, 2002.

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    I'm a homeowner with 5 acres to mow. Some banks around a pond, but mostly flat. I've narrowed down my choices to a couple of mowers, and would appreciate your input. I'm looking at the 24HP Honda/60" Dixie Chopper and 23HP Kohler/60" Exmark. My goal in this is to make my first (real) mower purchase my last mower purchase (hoping for 25-30 year life). Here are the questions:

    1. Most obvious. Why Exmark over DC?
    2. How well does the Exmark handle slopes?
    3. Would you recommend the 23HP Kohler, or something different, for 60" deck in midwest (Bluegrass)?
    4. Same question if using mulching kit?
    5. Local dealer showed me the 23HP/60" Lazer Z mower, with a price of $7999 and said that cup holder, deck lift assist, and canister air filter were all add-on options. I thought they were standard now, even by the booklet the dealer gave me.
    6. What is MSRP for mulching kit and striping kit for the above machine?

    I appreciate your input.
    Todd D.
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    Thank you for your interest in the Exmark Lazer Z.

    First lets start with the 23 hp on the 60" deck. This is going to be more than adequate for what you’re going to be asking it to do. There may be occasions during the spring when you may wish for a little more power but can you ever really have "enough" power. The 23 hp will do nearly everything the 25 hp will do. As a homeowner you may want to mulch rear round but mulching in the spring takes some patience. Spring grass in the northern climates just does not mulch very well due to the high moisture content in the grass itself, as well as the high rate of growth. You can do it but you may need to double cut some areas. Again the 23 hp Kohler should serve you well because you’re not only limited by horsepower but also the decks ability to process the mulched clippings. Once you get through that initial rush of growth you'll find the mulch kit will work fine with the 23.

    The price you were quoted is the "suggested commercial sale price" that we recommend for a 2002 model. The cup holder, foot lift and canister are standard for 2002. However there are a few 2001 models still floating around and some dealers have added these items to get them up to 2002 specs. Your dealer may have also been trying to explain that these were new or "added on" this year while last year they were options.

    The mulch kit has a list price of $170 and the Roller lists for $329. I would recommend both. You’ll be amazed at what a difference they can make.

    Now why would you want to buy and Exmark instead of the other one? I like the Exmark because..........I work here...............and they pay me to like them.....and because I truly believe that it is the best commercial lawnmower at any price. I prefer the deeper deck, the baffles under the deck, the wide mounting of the front frame that keeps the deck from bouncing up and down and side to side on rough terrain. I also like the lower center of gravity, ease of maintenance, operator comfort, user friendly controls and relatively few and simple adjustments. I also prefer the Exmark quality of cut, discharge quality, mulching quality and bagging capabilities.

    When it comes to stability there are a few things that need to be considered. First you need to look at the center of gravity, second the tread pattern and third the terrain. Obviously we have a lower center of gravity. The tread pattern can make a difference in hillside stability however the trade off when using a more aggressive tread is usually more aggressive turf damage. The third and most important item to look at is the terrain. Not all machines are created equally. Slopes can quickly separate a design theory from reality. There are some slopes that you simply do not want a riding mower on. We do not recommend that you attempt to operate an Exmark Lazer Z or any other Exmark riding product on slopes greater than 15 degrees for your safety and the safety of those around you. Be particularly careful when operation on slopes near water, embankments or drop-offs.

    Each machine will have advantages and disadvantages when compared to another brand. I feel that we have a machine that does more things better than any other machine and the best way to explain why I like the Lazer better would be to get you on one. Only then will you have a good understanding of why the Lazer has been so successful. Contact your local dealer for a demonstration

    Thank you

  3. devore

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    Thanks for the quick response. We're just getting the lawn put in now (have lived on the property for 6 years in a house trailer - house is finally built). After all of the good things I've read on the net, I'll probably end up with the Lazer Z later in this year. Now I just need to work on getting the 2002 model (with all standard features) for the 2002 prices.
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    i use the same exmark that you looked at. 23 hp will do all that you need todo. For the mulching it sometime take extra mow to get the turf looking good in the spring but after the spring one time and you are done. I have had my lazer on more then 15% grades but at a slow carful pace it take time and a lot of practices.
    You will love the Exmark Lazer, I do.
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    if more than 15% degree, can Exmark back up while mowing?

    I use John Deere F-725 and i have alot of slopes. I can not mow forward but I do backward to mow and then come down.....

    I wonder if Exmark can do that. I will love to buy this one but I have to play with exmark first at dealership to test on any slopes..

    Also does Exmark cuts well while grasses are wet?


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