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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Louslawns, Sep 6, 2012.

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    Aug. 8th my mower motor started surging. Took it to dealer and said they fixed it (3 days passed). Picked it up and took it to job still doing same thing. Took it back, next day repaired again. Pick it up take it to job same thing. Took it back, same day, they "fix it" again. Ran fine on job for about 15 minutes then same thing. Took it back again. They had it for about 4 day this time. When I picked it up said they replaced carb, issue with coil and possible blockage of fuel. Pick it up mowed for 1 1/2 weeks no problem. Mowing this Saturday same problem comes up. They pick it up this time. Call me to say there is debris in tank causing it to run improperly, they are taking tank out and draining, I could pick it up tomorrow. My partner goes to pick it up and they present him with a 288.00 dollar bill. There was no discussion that there would be a charge.....which led me to believe because of the problems and numerous times I took it back and forth they were not going to charge me. I know in the automotive business a written or verbal estimate is required before doing work. Just getting a bad feeling about the way this was handled. If they would have given me some sort of clue there may be a charge it might have been different and I would have had the option to maybe go another route. The mower is only a year old w/200 hours on it. I have called the owner of the place and told him I did not think this was right. Input.....advise.....thoughts all will be appreciated.
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    Did they charge you for repairs the first few times ? I would think that at 200hrs somethings should be covered. I don't think dirty fuel tank falls under warranty.
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    Have you done business with this shop before? Maybe get a second opinion?
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    For sure a heads up on the charge would have been nice. At that point you could have made a decision to do it yourself or have them do it. I know if I got a call & they said "Your tank has debris in it & not covered by warranty, it will be abt $300 to clean." I would have replied, "I will pick it up this afternoon & take care of it myself. Thanks so much for the help!" They probably also disposed of fuel that was in tank, that prob could have been filtered & still used.
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    I spoke with the service guy and resolved the issue. He had promised me a free service after the season for my trouble in the beginning. He gave me my money back and I gave up the free service. No harm no foul I guess......was just without a mower for a while.

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