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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Gear, Sep 25, 2007.

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    Wanting to get into the cutting business. Interested in getting a mid-sized walk behind. My question is about the deck size. Starting small so I will only be able to purchase one mower in the beginning. What size should it be? Should I be concerned about gate size for residential properties? My dealer says they sell about two 36 inch mowers for every 32 inch. Cannot afford to get this wrong right out of the shoot. Thanks.
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    buy the largest cutting size you can afford... i've only seen one gate in 5 years that my 36" wouldn't fit thru and it was a tiny garden style gate. i actually cut that area with a trimmer because it was such a small area. i have a 21" on standby but i never use it since my walker cuts everything i have now.
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    I don't think I've ever said this, so I'll say it now...

    You want to, starting out, pick ONE thing that you absolutely categorically refuse to do.
    Be it bagging or be it gated yards or be it whatever, but you need ONE thing you just will not do, starting out.
    I know it sounds crazy, but in the process of carving out your niche, there will be more than a few things over the years you will have to turn down, hence start early in this process and pick the one thing you will not do.

    In my case it was gated yards, I can and will do them but 4 foot gate please!
    Hence my main mowers still are 48", I have never owned a smaller deck and never will, to me it is worth that extra 25% deck in the cut, I get done so much faster with that large swath it covers. Smaller gates I turn them down, it's not worth it to me, it's just that one thing I picked from the start, helps carve out that niche.

    In my case I actually started out with 52" decks, but later switched to the 48" because the 52" never fits through single gates but the 48" fits through most 4-footers. That did hurt some, I like the 48" myself, I do recommend a float deck for starters (mine are fixed deck but it's a tough mower to learn on). And I never told anyone the secret is they should get a Toro with T-bars either :laugh:

    But it's up to you, you have to decide.
  4. Gear

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    Thank you both. I guess I need to figure out what I do not want to do first. Great advise.
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    there is an area for guys starting a business, please ask it there next time
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    I don't know if Leander is like Austin but in our area there are 85% of the yards with 36" wide gates and obviously some are a little smaller since they are all custom built. The 32" will go thru 100% of those...and you can make good money on small yards.

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