mower starts, but won't stay running

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by rb_in_va, Jun 23, 2006.

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    Here's a new thread about my mower problems. You may remember the old thread.

    Anyway, here is the status. I just took the carb off and brought it into the Briggs repair shop and they soaked it for a day in some sort of acid to loosen the gunk in it. I got it home and reinstalled it, and it starts but won't stay running unless I keep hitting the primer. One thing I noticed when putting it back together is that the float valve seat seemed to be a little loose. I thought maybe the seat was sliding down against the float valve and keeping gas from getting in there. Suggestions?
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    I have a good one, Stop playing with that carb. throw it away and buy a new one. There are two carbs. listed for that engine, A choke type and a primer bulb type. Either one is less than $ 35.00 ;)
  3. rb_in_va

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    Rob, this mower has been run a total of about 6-8 times! I have replaced almost every part in the carb and had it soaked in acid to clean it out. I will fix it!
  4. oldgreygox33

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    There is still a clog somewhere in your carburator. Disassemble the carburator, and using a can of carb cleaner or even WD-40, with the little read nozzel tube, squirt it in every orifice you can find on all sides of the carb. spraying in one orifice you should se it come out of another, meaning this passage is clear. Also check the main jet, (the nut that holds the float bowl on.) making sure passages are open.
  5. AAELI

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    I am really curious how this mower run only 6-8 times had to be soaked in 'acid' to clean out gum/laquer deposits.

    I understand the frustration of working the amount of hours to get where you are in the phixing process but I agree with rob about cutting your lost time and simply replace the carb.

    However, if that route don't toot your horn, then clean the jet one more time and verify that the seat is properly installed in the inlet tube and that all orifices are clear and clean. I run a piece of tag wire through most orifices to make sure all the old fuel deposits are out. That is after using cleaner/deep creep and the good old air compressor. BUT, before you blow out the inlet passageway, thoughtfully remove the float,inlet needle and seat or when you blow it will go!:laugh: Reassemble in reverse order to disassembly taking care to orient the bowl properly. That should take care of the problem.:waving:
  6. rb_in_va

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    This comment caused me to take a closer look at that nut! I had previously lost the gasket between the nut and the bowl and used gasket material that too thick. I didn't realize that the nut was part of the fuel system.:eek: I got the mower running yesterday! Sweet!!!

    I detailed this in the other thread, but here are some cliffs.

    I got this mower when in 2000 or so, used it for about half a season then put it in the shed with some gas still in it. I bought a condo, and the mower stayed in the shed for several years with that same gas in it.

    The moral of the story is to use a fuel stabilizer, and run the gas out at the end of the season. Thanks for all you help guys!

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