Mower surging up and down real bad..any input?

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by Lowe Mowing, Apr 26, 2005.

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    The other day, my fuel line had a leak. It wasn't in the easiest spot that I could change it so i took it to my dealer to let them take care of it. They did but when i started using it again, the mower started to surge up and down really bad. I took it back into the dealer and asked why it was doing this and told them to fix it. They fixed it they said, but the next time i go to use it, it is doing the same damn thing. Surging up and down really really bad. It got to the point where i couldnt even mow any yards, so i took it back in and they said they would look at it again. They had the mower for 8 hours and when i finally get it back, it was worse than it was before. The mower surges still and when i turn on the blade, i have little to no power and cant mow with the mower. I was wondering if this has happened to any of you and if it has, how do i fix the problem. I need some input because the professionals that are supposed to fix it cant even fix the problem and im starting to get pissed off. Please let me know if you know how to fix this problem.
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    Start the engine up, as its surgeing apply the choke slowly,If the serge starts
    to go away or goes away completely you probably have a piece of trash in the main jet in the carb. ......If it gets worse when choke is applyed its running too rich, A piece of trash in the float valve assembly......In any case drop the carb. bowl and clean the inside with carb. choke cleaner and see if that does the trick. If not let me know I've got a couple other things you can check.

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    I am no mechanic, but could the float in the carb be damaged? Or some foreign substance is lodged in the jet.
  4. KathysLGC

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    What engine is it. Was the line dry rotted? Are there any other lines that may be cracked?
    BTW restrorob, Looks like you got some training behind you....
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    Yes Markf the float could be damaged,To check the float remove it from the carb. hold it with two fingers and your thumb,Briskly shake it If there is a pin
    hole in it you will feel the fuel bouncing around in it.

    And Yes Playboy I do have a few years under my belt, And that was a super
    Question about what engine we are dealing with ! I would need to know that
    before I could go much further. I made that post on my lunch break, Thats
    just a standard rule of thumb on any small engine.

    Had to take a break from Ebay it was getting too costly,So I joined here
    to see if i could help out a little :cool2:
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    We can always use it!
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    Thanks Playboy, I'll be bouncing around here for a little while :blob4:
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    Well you certainly helped me allot in the past the next time you help me you get a gift cert for a nice dinner with your significant other.....
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    WOW !!!

    That's a golden oldie.....Never really planed on stickin around this long, Boy does time fly when your having fun.....:waving:

    Thanks eshskis.....:)

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