Mower suspension seat

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by tacoma200, Jul 6, 2006.

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    very interesting
  3. EMWEB

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  4. a a green

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    I put a suspention seat on this year, after bad back problems this winter. I got mine from northern tool. I think it was a Italian made seat. Anyway it works well.:weightlifter:
  5. bigjeeping

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    anyone own this michigan seat? how good does it work??
  6. EMWEB

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    It works very well . . . not as smooth as a car, but it sure removes the shock of each little bump, hole or dip . . . You dial in your weight . . . and yes it does work as it should . . .

    Northern Tool Item # 17566 is the seat that came with my mower except mine says SCAG and is brown .

    See my other post above . . .

    FIRESCOOBY LawnSite Senior Member
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    Same identical seat that came on my Hustler, but with two differences.

    #1 - Mine is gray and has an "H" on it.

    #2 - Mine was cheaper through my Hustler dealer, by about $50.
  8. tacoma200

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    My Exmark dealer said thier cost was $410. So have you got two seats now or did you just upgrade at the Hustler dealer. $270 sound awfully cheap thru a dealer.
  9. Roger

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    From the pictures, I don't see anything underneath (on the frame) to provide any spring/damper action. Yes, the words say "suspension" but it appears the seat frame is bolted directly to the Z frame. Is that right? Is the "suspension" only from the cushioning in the seat itself?

    I bought my first ZTR (JD 717A) about two months ago. The ride is a killer on my body. Riding the BullRider sulky is less strenous than sitting on this "bronco" for a few hours per day. I think I need a seat with some spring action to level out the ride.
  10. EMWEB

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    No, the springs & supension system are built in a "torque" fashion . . .Large adjustable springs run front to back with a knob to adjust their tension. I weigh 247 lbs . . . If my wife gets on weighing 105lbs I have to back down the setting or she will have a very stiff ride . . . It is very similar to older truck seats before air seats were introduced . . .

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