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ok heres the deal, i do know how to fix equipment, i do it all the time but i wasn't thinking today. the other day a got a flat tire on one of my mowers and haven't had time to fix it because i've been so busy so i just dumped the mowers in the shed and left. Today i had some time and devcided to fix it but i didn't have time to go to the mower shop to get a tube. I decided to take the tube out and went down to the local auto parts store and got some tire slime stuff that is supposed to fill punctures in the tire. i put the tire back on the rim and put that stuff in it. the stuff did not work and when i moved to mower the tire came of the bead and now i'm skrewed because i have a flat tire with that junk in it and it's of the wouldn't be problem but i got the silly stuff in the tire. Anybody got any suggestions i would realy appieciate it? This is realy annoying because i'm so busy and i think i just wasted a tire.


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If it is Slime it should just rinse out. Sealing a bead ain't that big a deal. You will need to find a gas station or something with a compressor. It is easy if the wheel is off the mower.


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I've never used SLIME but I've used something like VICTORS ,or whatever it is.<p>why did you take the tube out? shouldn't you have left the tube in and aplied the slime into the tube?<p>an option is wash out the slime and put a new tube in.<p>good luck<p>GEO


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just letting you know there is a 100% fix for your tire problems. Keep pumping the &quot;slime&quot; if you like.


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Just curious about the foam filling. <br>What is the aproximate cost for 22&quot; ZTR tires??<br>Is it as &quot;soft as air&quot; as advertised?<br>Are there any LMO's using foam filled tires and what aplications?<br>

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