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Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by jheady, May 2, 2003.

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    An update for those of you that gave me some very good input on commerical mowers.
    I bought the Cub Cadet 60" Tank, and I do like it. I already ran into a problem and it had to go back to the dealership (for 2 weeks). The mower started cutting out and dying whenever I engaged the blades, which to anyone mowing, is a bad problem. The dealership gave me a demo Exmark (My other choice) to use while they had it. I liked both deck designs the best and they both do a great job. It has knocked my mowing with a conventional 52" deck mower down from 10hrs to @ 3.5 - 4 hrs.

    Some of my thoughts on the cub:
    25hp Kaw motor - good power ratio for the mower and deck.
    The ride is good and the basic seat seams more comfortable than the suspension model they offer.
    The pivoting front end is great. It really helps to keep a level cut especially on the uneven ground.
    Nice even cut and it really throws the clippings out. (Note - things to remember around people, cars, and houses)
    Deck movement quieter than the chain hanging decks.
    Anti-scalp wheels on the deck don't give and will move dirt
    More turf tearing when doing a tight 360 than other mowers I tested.
    The throttle, choke, ignition is all on the sides and easy to get to and read, but it also just as easy for small limbs to idle you down if you are too close.
    Grease fittings are all easy to get to.
    No lights, or at least not yet.
    Controls are very tight, and you can't take a hand off of them without steering adjustments.

    Since I had the Exmark to use for 2 weeks to use. I could see some things I liked and disliked. The Exmark is a great mower too and I am sure I would be happier with either one. Here are a few things off the top of my head:
    The Exmark seemed easier on gas.
    The ride doesn't seem any better and the mower "felt" heavier
    It was better on side hills, but I have not tried locking the cub's front axle
    The foot platform area was more open
    I dig the grass deflector being able to lay back onto the deck.
    The rear departure angle is not as good as the cub's (Yes I got stuck)
    The bigger foot assist was nice and the cup holder placement was cool.
    Easier to back up a hill with less tire spin, but prone to lift a front wheel in any ditch.

    Hope it helps.

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