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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Bryan B, Aug 13, 2009.

  1. Bryan B

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    after talking about it for years i finally decided to start my own lawn service. going to be a part time gig to start.first goal it to get about 10 yards a week. then providing things go well and i continue keeping customers i'd go part time at my current job and do more cutting. i've done the job with my uncle while in high school so i know the importance of a quality job. my delima is this i currently have a stihl trimmer,edger and hedger along with a decent 26" kee with a BS 8HP. my needs r a backpack blower,trailer and big mower. should i go with a used smaller mower (around 36") and spring for an enclosed trailer or get a nice ZTR and have an open trailer?(equipment would be put in garage) i have about 4.5K to get started and have found good deals on a used open trailers. also what length trailer would be good for this type of start? 12' was my thought.

    thank you everyone that is on this page!!!! it has been a life saver in the last 4 hours i've spent reading threads TONS of great advice i really liked the one about to business plan. i had thought about it but was'nt sure if it was needed at this point that thread helped ALOT!

    Thanks in advance,
    Bryan B
  2. Kennedy Landscaping

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    I would buy the twelve if I were you. I bought a 5x10 a year or so back and out grew it fast. I have a 7x14 now and I'm filling it up fast but it should serve me well for years to come.
  3. vanncann

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    If you've got the mower then you can make the money and buy the enclosed trailer.

    STIHL GUY LawnSite Fanatic
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    i would keep the 26'' mower and buy a open trailer. then when you have enouhg money you can buy a ZTR
  5. patriotlawn375

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    I second the FREAK's comments about the trailer. I too thought a 5x10 would be good but quickly grew out of it. Go either 7x12 or 14'. Personally i wouldn't spend the extra $1k for an enclosed trailer b/c of several things you mentioned: A) your parking in the garage, if a 12' would fit?, i know 10 will for sure. 2) Get the true lawncare style with the racs, boxes and mesh sides. There are a bunch of options out there and you can usually find one cheap. Cover that thing up with a tarp if it rains and ur g2g.
  6. patriotlawn375

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    plus it's easier to carry bulk items for landscaping jobs. Then that's already an extra $1k in yo pocket.
  7. stevenf

    stevenf LawnSite Bronze Member
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    x3 on the 5x10. Get atleast a 12ft!
    I have a 36" belt drive Scag and I do 13 lawns a week on average and could handle alot more. 36" mower will suit you fine for quite a while.
  8. Central Island Lawn

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    I would buy an open trailer and skip the larger mower for now. If you're just getting started I would wait to see if you actually need a second mower and then go buy it. I've been using a 21" John Deere for years, as I haven't really needed a larger mower yet. I did buy a 42" rider, but wound up only using it at home. On top of that I can actually get away with mulching the majority of my lawns and my equipment fits in the back of the truck, that way I don't need to take my trailer with me. Just because you have 4.5K doesn't mean you need to spend it, you'll need some cash for operating funds as well. Trust me, leave $1,000 in the bank because tihs does happen.

    SNAPPER MAN LawnSite Silver Member
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    The best trailer you could get is a 12' tandam axles landscape trailer with 4' mesh sides, storage box in front, and trimmer racks. This style trailer can be used for lots of things like mowing, hauling mulch, plant material, tree debris, etc. It is also more secure for your equipment if you just use some padlocks.

    Personally if I would just get a 36" walk behind, this size mower can cut alot in a day and is an essential piece of machinery that every company needs some time or another. You do not need a big expensive ztr to start out with.
  10. beegreenlandcare

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    What size vehicle do u have to pull said trailer? In your biz plan, what size of lawns will u primarily be serving, what sizes of mowers will u have. Obviously, you won't need a big trailer if all your ever gonna do is small stuff.
    We have 4 trailers. Everything from a 18ft equipment trailer to a 7x14 single axle open deck.
    If you're just doing small stuff for now then a simple 7x14 should be fine. It will handle a couple of push mowers and a good sized WB or like us a 5 ft Z turn, a 48" W/B and a push mower along w/ gas cans, trimmers and a blower.

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