Mower went for a swim

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by jgtxusa, Mar 20, 2005.

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    I saw the famous article about walk behind stuck in backyard and thought about how crazy it was. I have a similiar story that has almost become normal because my buddies tell it so much. Went to my dads buddies house to mow his yard when I was still solo a few years ago. I got done with the front yard with this older Deere 38" w/b we used and started the back. Should have been using a 21", but I had gotten pretty good with the w/b and it would fit anywhere. My first pass on the yard was near the fence and I did not leave enough room between the fence and myself to turn around. My left hand got smashed between the left pistol grip and a fence post, and I drove the mower off straight into the 11' section of the pool. It really did not hit me at first, but there was sure enough a green and yellow blob in the bottom of the pool. Anyhow, I tryed to push it up by myself but could not move the thing an inch. Drove to my dads house and luckily he had some friends over that came and helped. We tied 2 water hoses to the machine and pulled it up into the 3' section and lifted it out. Looked down and the gunite pool had tire marks all in it. I scraped the pool bottom with the stones for 4 hours the next day and finally got it clean. Suprising enough, the cust was not mad. Got the mower started that night after around 6 hours of work. It was a bad trip, but now it is a lot of fun to talk about. Just curious if anyone else was stupid enough to have the same experience.
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    I didnt but my employee did something similar. He made the first pass around the lawn, then tried to get closer to make trimming easier. Got too close and it went into about waist deep water. We got it out and running later that day. It was friday of his first week.
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    One of my guys almost dumped a brand new Billy Goat WB blower in the deepend of an inground pool. I was watching and still can't figure out how he saved it.

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