Mower with Sulky V.S Wright Stander

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by landscapetastic, Jul 16, 2012.

  1. landscapetastic

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    What is the difference between , a mower with a sulky v.s a wright stander, in terms of performance up and down hills around turns and trees and speed.
    I am trying to decide wheather or not to get a mower with a sulky or a wright stander.
  2. Well, for one thing, a wright stander def has 2 hydros where a wb with sulky might not have any. The wright may also have more ponies and prob will. If you can afford one and it will be a primary mower, go with the wright.
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  3. buttaluv

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    ha ha! the older I get the more my knees tell me that a stander is smoother than a sulky...I say Ha Ha, cause I was just thinking this earlier today as I was bouncing around on the hard...dry...dusty...blah blah blah...ground
  4. chagh2.0

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    The standers have way more speed but you are always going to need a walkbehind on your trailer. steep slops ect.
  5. ShooterK2

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    The stander (with you on it) puts quite a bit more weight on the rear wheels (and therefore on the ground) than a walk behind with a sulky, as your weight is on the sulky and not the mower wheels. It may or may not make a difference on the yards you mow.
  6. LawnGuy110

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    the thing with standers though is that you are standing on it which makes you much higher up which can lead to hitting more tree branches. not bashing standers at all. I use one almost everyday for another landscaper i work for and love it. This is just my experience with trees as it seems like I hit more tree branches when im on the stander vs a walk behind with a sulky

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