Mower won't shut off?!

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by NB1968, Jul 7, 2014.

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    No idea what to do with this...
    I have a 2002 Woods FZ21D 61" Mow'n Machine zero turn w\ only a few hundred hrs on it, for reference.
    I shattered a spindle the other day hitting a drain pipe. Something else more serious must have happenned because of the hit or coincidentally at the same time as when I tried to shut down, the engine would not turn off?!
    Turning off and removing the key did not stop the engine.
    None of the saftey point triggeers shut it down, (applying brake, getting off the seat with or w\o the mower engauged would normally instantly kill the engine but failed to do so).
    I literally had to run it up a hill in low throttle w\ mower engauged to bog it down to kill the engine.
    What could possibly have caused this and what is the solution? Very dangerous situation when even the saftey switches all fail. I am afraid to start it up again.

    My nearest "authorized" Woods dealer is pretty far away and they don't even stock these machines much less ever see one to work on...Guess they are not as popular in my area, (Missouri).

    I've never heard of a mower not shutting off. Any thoughts, suggestions or or direction would be appreciated.

    Nick Basso
  2. WenzelOSLLC

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    Have you restarted it and tried to turn it off again? Sounds like a short of some nature. Usually switches on mowers just ground the spark wire to keep it from firing. Very unusual.
  3. NB1968

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    It will not restart. no action from turning the switch at all other than the panel light. I'm going to try swapping out some of the usual fuses tonight.

    So, to make it more confusing, last night I found this misc part on the garage floor. (see attachment).
    It had to have fallen off from somewhere on the mower but darned if I can tell what it is or where it came from.. I have scoured the mfg's parts diagrams for the mower, deck, steering and engine and find nothing similar? (model is a Fz21D zero turn with a 21hp Kubota Diesel)
    Any ideas what this is?

    The mfg replied to me with the usual "you should contact your lcal Woods dealer" email. Problem there is the Woods dealers anywhere "near" me, (2 hrs away) have never sold nor worked on a Mow'n machine before. but also suggested it could be a faulty ignition switch.

    I may just order the ignition switch and go from there unless anyone here has any other thoughts...Would love to identify the mystery piece though...

  4. TPendagast

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    that, my guess, is your operator presence detent switch that rattled loose with vibrationÂ….was probably ready to fall off and the shock from hitting the pipe was the last little bit.

    Think of it like the missing link in your electrical chain for shutting off and on the mower.

    Lift the seat and look around, this will probably go somewhere that hooks in under the seat where when you sit on itÂ… it pushes down on that spring on the top, should make a connection (or plug pin somewhere) to the harness for electrical go/no go switch.
  5. dieselss

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    Could be the injector shut off linkage that's supposta go on the injection pump to turn off the machine
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