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  1. Rufur

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    this year I got an ancient bob cat 36&quot; which Im very pleased with the cut except I keep sucking down the exhaust I use some toro pro lines that dont have this problem Im wondering if I can get a muffler that shoots the exhaust away from the operator? would a sulky raise the operator above the exhaust Im sure others have this problem too and Im curious as how you overcame this<br>Mike
  2. What kind of engine and in what direction does the exhaust go now?
  3. OP

    Rufur LawnSite Member
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    its a kawasaki 460 think it may be 12.5 hp it shoots the exhaust forwardtowards the deck and front wheels it doesnt smoke either
  4. Greenthumb

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    I had the same problem I used gocart headers and 45 degree pipe<br> and welded a round muffler away from me worked out good
  5. grasscapeinc

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    get a piece of manifold tube form a car, weld or screw it on and the tube is like a metal slinky. Can direct it anywhere you want

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