"MOWERMAN" hero to the down trodden lawn boy

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by newbomb, Feb 23, 2005.

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    Responding to another thread I got the Idea for a cartoon character "MOWERMAN".

    A super hero for the green industry, his powers include:

    Able to eliminate obvious lowballers with one throw of his boomerang lawnmower blade. (gator of course).

    Able to banish from all memory the days when lawns were cut for less than $25. (absolute minimum).

    Able to bestow new shiny ZTR's on worthy lawn boys struggling with wb's

    Able to explain to Pita's far and wide why mulch is $75 per yd. installed. (minimum).

    Able to cause a foul smelling odor and green cloud to be emitted from any lawn boy without insurance. (that way the occasional blind customer knows to look elsewhere).

    Last but certianly not least, able to locate and outrun any delinquent customer and terrorize them into prompt payment.
    ( I picture Bobbygedd in tights with a cape and mask, doc martens and a muddy shovel banging on the front door of a $600k palace).

    No offense Bobby, It would be greater than the Simpon's.


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