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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by jadelawncare, Jul 22, 2013.

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    Hi, im looking into a new mower. I got my starter mower on the cheap brand new with a horse power of 25hp. it's a 42 inch deck and it has issues with most lots over 12 inches.. It bogs down and misses grass down the center. The mower was on sale and the salesman gave me a 15% off coupon. So i paid under 2k. which i was happy about. Well it made it's money back in the first month of business and then some. twice + it's money the second month in business.
    I did not buy a top end mower because i was planning on doing it as a side gig. but the clients rolled in and the money was too good to resist. I have sharpened and balanced my blades 3 times in 2.5 months. i may be slow to get them done but it seems like i'm swinging baseball bats after a few mows! I obviously want to capitalize on it for the next year and mow faster and even hire someone because i'm drowning in lots to mow. Not complaining.. Seems one guy leads to another leads to a few others..

    SCAG! those mowers to me look awesome and i see so many guys pulling them on trailers.. and i think why not my trailer!

    I do so much residential and have 5 lots that my 42 inch deck doesnt fit through the gate so i have to push mow it to get my nut! sucks but i do it with a slight up charge.. is what i'm looking at..
    19hp? is this a downgrade? my mower sucks no doubt about it but whats this horsepower thing about?
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    I've never even heard of a Z Cat but it looks like a home owner Scag. Probably low resale value.

    Scag is running a 0% for 48 months finance program right now. If I were you, I'd step up to a Tiger Cat if there is any way you can swing it. To me, that's where the commercial Scag line starts. You'd be buying a solid piece of equipment with great resale value. Not to mention, the Tiger Cat is equipped with the Velocity Plus deck.
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    Most any LAWN mower made would have a problem with that.

    Most LCO's would call that a "cleanup" and creep thru to where it didn't bog down the mower. And charge accordingly. At the standard of $60/hr. the bill would be in the hundreds of dollars.
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    I think a 19 on the zcat would be sufficient if you go with the 36" deck. If you do the 42 I would step it up alittle bit. I have an exmark phazer which is exmarks version and it has a 34" for gates and cuts beautifully because of the engine size(19hp). Like Toro 455 said anybody who mows 12" is going to bog. Also don't limit yourself to scag just because every one else has one. Demo some and see which fits you the best

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