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While I never responded to the original thread, I was here back then and read it then and read it again now.

Landscaper1 summed it up pretty good, and was very well written. Their mowers do stack up VERY well on paper. They are using the same parts and engines that the big 2 use.

I believe some of the bad press that they recieved was mainly "word of mouth". This same "word of mouth" is what can make or break a company. Some of the negative comments made by actual owners were comments that you could hear from the owner of ANY manufacturers product. Sometimes negative rumors really "snowball" here on Lawnsite, and even POSITIVE rumors can "snowball" sometimes too!

As for walkbehinds, If I were in the position to replace mine, I would seriously consider a Landscaper. I am fairly knowledgeable when it comes to diagnosing equipment problems, and these mowers are no different from the Big 2.

I haven't ever seen one in person, but by reading their specs and looking at their pictures in their catalog, I simply see a decent mower at a great price.


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Like I said, the gear drive model that i used 5 years ago, that mower was probably two years old at that point and it was a charger! Very simple machine / easy to fix.


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yes i have a 36 inch with the 14hp cuts grate i just have to turn on the blades did that twice 2day:D hey it was a hot looken girl so ya know how the game gose


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Hey Chris Yanik, where in Ohio are you from?
Lawnkid, Chris Yanik posted that about TWO years ago, so he may not even be around any longer.

In defense of the landscaper, most of the negative posts here were from the year 2000. This discussion has spanned 2 years, and landscaper1 is defending comments made 2 years ago about machines that were made 2 or more years ago.

Every manufacturer goes through cycles as Lanelle mentioned. The American auto manufacturers were turning out junk for nearly ten years in the 70s. And that is what gave the Japanese a chance to gain market share, and nearly caused Chrysler to close it's doors. And now how many of you drive Dodge Rams?

With all the good recommendations for scag in this thread, they could cut back and turn out Yugo quality for a few years and many of you would still buy them. Reputation (good or bad) is not everything, you should base your decisions on the model that is in the showroom since it probably has improvements over last years model (based on consumer suggestions and warranty claims).

Rather than trashing ANY manufacturer where your words are heard (read) for many years to come, you should be talking to company reps about your complaints and suggestions. A bad reputation by word of mouth is hard enough to overcome, but when it is archived and brought back to life after 2 years, most of it should be disregarded. Much of it is irrelevant.

Maybe threads could be locked automatically if there are no new posts within 6 months or so. Members could still search and find old topics, but not be able to drag old garbage out of the attic.

That's my 2¢

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I own their 48 Z rider. I'll start with good and then to my personal experience and complaints. The mower stripes really nice and seems to be built tough. I've had terrible problems with the little parts and that has left a bad taste in my mouth. I've gone through 3 idler pulleys in about 300 hours. They look like the ones on my Toro's but aren't, constant failure. The deck height adjustment rod has bent twice due too the heavy deck and inferior metal rods. I'm going to fabricate my own next time. I live out West and it's been hell trying to get help with the problems I've had on them. They always act like I'm the only one they've ever seen with that problem. Well like I mentioned I've gone through those problems at least twice. Anyway I've learned my lesson with mail order mowers. we all know how down time will kill you and I can't afford to take that risk again. It's a back up mower now. I hope they truely do make some improvements and more importantly listen to the contractors using their products. I believe with some changes they can compete in the "long run" with the big guys.


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If Black Rock Manufacturing was like eXmark, then this pimpin' AMC Gremlin would be like Mercedes:



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Three years ago I bought one of the Landscaper riders (52") and two of their walkbehinds. I had a couple minor problems with the walkbehinds, but overall was not a bad purchase.


The rider was a HUGE disappointment. The electrical components were all messed up, the welding was very poor...I could go on for a long time. Bottom line is Landscapers Supply wouldn't back up the equipment. I had to deal with Black Rock. Many hours on the phone and Black Rock told us there was a problem but couldn't fix it because it was purchased through landscapers supply...blah blah blah...

What a joke...

I will never buy from them again. It is a complete piece of junk.