Mowers/trimmers and water

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Lynden-Jeff, Jun 25, 2006.

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    Im just wondering if there are any ILL effects of water on trimmers and mowers? Right now I don't have a garage for my equipment and I have tarped the ztr and walk behind. However the echo trimmers are not under the tarp and just in the racks. Can anything bad happen from them getting rained on? I plan on getting a bigger tarp but for the mean time there out in the elements.


  2. Scotts' Yard Care

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    in our area every spring and we usually cut in the rain with no ill effects to our equipment. Keep up on your lube points and make sure your fuel containers are water proof and you should be okay. I understand pressure washing and other water cleaning methods can be much more detrimental to equipment than rain. We do put our machines under cover for the winter months however. My manuals all recommend being very careful about washing a Z and to be sure to run the machine afterwards to dry it out. Hydro gear says to absolutely not wash a pump, wheel motor or integrated drive when warm as condensation tends to form in the component.
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    Echo timmer will get water into the air filter depending on how they are sitting. Water also gets into the switch and the heads. Basically what I am saying it is not good to let this stuff out in the rain or wash it, cover it up with tarp.
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    you could just put a small b ag over the trimmer motors till you get a tarp, i carry a couple of small bags in case it rains while im out and i put them over my trimmers and my edger. till i get them in the barn for the night
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    I would not let them set outside all the time uncovered. Just go and buy a cheap tarp from a dollar store or something. You will run into problems if you keep them covered.JMO:waving:
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    first of all you got a much worse problem. did you say youre using echo?
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    I just bought a book on how to build a shed, my mowers and power rake are under tarps as well. I actually have a very heavy chain that I tie in knots around my mowers and well as lock it up to prevent theft. they would have to make lots of noise, my dog would bark... but I wouldn't leave teh blower and trimmer outside even under tarps. I take mine and put them in my basement.

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