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    OK I dont know if some of yall read my post a few weeks back about picking up a huge account, I would need proabbly a ztr and a w/b cause about 10% of the 10 acres is realy, realy steep. I would need a pretty good sized ztr but not 72" cause one of the things they dont like about how it is nowis that it gets scalped by the huge decks the peoepl use (1 72" 1 61" one 44 w/b and guy with a trimmer, take about half a day) This place would be about 10-11k a year and im not worried about a w/b I can find one of those reasonably priced but everywhere I look the ztrs that are low in price look like they've been through hell and most of them have. Ill POst some pictures of this place later cause im going back tonight but I was just wonder where to go to find a decent priced ztr. And it doesnt have to be super commercial grade cause the w/b adn ztr would proabbly live at this place and would only be used there once a week (but for the whole day). It does need to have a good cut, butisnt realy important, but the price is...
  2. Travis Followell

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    Look at Lesco and Bad Boy. They are both reasonably priced and they are very high quality machines.

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    Im not sure what part of Richmond you're in, theres a guy on 301 just past 295...301 & shady grove...the old salvage yard where the car is mounted on top of the poll...owns a leasing company and shut down an lco...has 3 ztr's, a 60 & 2 52's, a wb...stihl 420 blowers...all kinds of need to go see him.....DEALS...
  4. splatz100

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    10-11k per year for 10 acres? How many months of the year will it be cut? Once or twice a month?

    Down here it would be 10 months once a week.... thats only $500 a cut. Plus I'm guessing you will have a helper. That would be $8/hour(at the least), $50 a day,$200 a month, and $2000 a year. So now you're down to 8k, plus taxes(if you pay them)

    I am getting 1000 a cut for an aparment complex that is only 3 acres. So if it were me I would go up in price..

    Speaking of mowers I would try and find a used 60 and 48 walk
  5. wmsland

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    My question is who is giving that size of an account to a 14 year old?
  6. liquidforcedude7

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    Its my boat club and instead of paying 15k a year they want to have the kids mow it like it used to be but I stepped up and said Ill do it myself and thatw as the price we settled on.
  7. topsites

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    Well then here in Virginia you're looking at your first cut towards end of march, early april and your last cut between october - xmas, so lets see:

    Apr 3 cuts, May 3 cuts, Jun 3, Jul-Aug 3, Sep 2, oct 2, nov 1, dec 1 = 18 cuts
    11k / 18 = 600 / cut for 10 acres that's d@mn good but lets assume this yard is more aggressive than this (my average is 16-18, the MOST fertilized ones is 22 cuts, MAYBE 24, forget that once/week stuff, that's just some lco ripping off a customer when it gets hot the grass doesn't grow, plain and simple).
    Even last year when it rained CONSTANTLY, grass slowed down jul-aug, it always does it, no matter what...
    Ok but lets say it is fertilized and sprinklered (a LOT of folks turn it off to conserve water and money as well):
    Apr 4, May 4, Jun 3, Jul-Aug 5, Sep 3, Oct 2, Nov 2, Dec 1 = yeah, 23 cuts.
    So 22 cuts = 500 / cut is still $50 / acre for 10 acres that IS a good deal, even with the new price of fuel, I'd do it in a new york minute and I been doing this for 4 years full-time. Ok yeah 22 is not 23 but 22 goes into 11k a lot better than 23, so ...
    Really you can figure it for 450 / cut so then 450 x 20 = 9000 so then that leaves you good money to help them with leaves or whatever else needs doing, I think you will find yourself IN the money so long you don't get carried away cutting the grass too often.

    GR8LAWNS LawnSite Member
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    ok...I mow in richmond...i figure 33 cuts a year...weekly april thru october...once in march and november...period....anything more is an additional charge and if i skip a week in july/august i might limb the trees or pull weeds if needed and bill accordingly....but they pay,contractually 33 cuts per year

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