Mowing 8"+ high grass in one pass

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Jimbo, Apr 27, 2003.

  1. Jimbo

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    Here are some photos of a for sale lot I mow every two weeks. The grass is being cut with a 2002 scag tiger cub 23HP Kawi, 52" deck, prototype blades.

    I started cutting at 8:00AM, and it was very wet. It had rained yesterday and there was a heavy dew this morning. It was one of those days when you could see drops of water hanging on every blade of grass.
    I am cutting at 3.5" and the grass is 8"+ in high. I am side discharging into the previous row.

    I am removing 4.5" of grass and you can see how clean it looks. This is one pass.


    FYI- This is for BHB
  2. Jimbo

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  3. Jimbo

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  4. Jimbo

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  5. lawnkid

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    That looks real good. I don't see any clippings. You better be charging double though right.
  6. FrankenScagMachines

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    Nice!!!!!! what kind of blades did you say they were?? That is sweet, I need an Advantage deck!
  7. Jimbo

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    I should also mention that the mowing was at normal speed. This last shot was the final product. No stringers as you can see.

  8. Green Pastures

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    Looks real good. You must be going fairly slow, no dis to the mower. I know I'd have to slow down with my Toro's or my Walker, that looks good.

    I've got 2 properties I mow every other week. I actually look forward to doing them cuz you really get to wring the mower out and really see what it's capable of.

    In pic #2 it looks like you're not using like 10" of deck though......move that front castering wheel over into the rough and use all that deck!
  9. Jimbo

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    In pic 2 I was trying to hang the mower out so it would be a comparison of how high the grass was.

    The mowing speed was normal...normal for the terrain I was mowing. You see all those white dots in the last photo? Those are rocks. This property is rough!!!
    I would say that normal speed for this property is half as fast as the mower will go. I assure you I am not limping along so that the blades have time to cut the grass up more. The mower does not bog down either.
    I go as fast as my body can really jerks me around.
  10. EJK2352

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    So tell us more about these PROTOTYPE blades!!!!! Are they something you came up with???? :) ED

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